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Volume 25, Number 4, December 2018

  • Sundials for Starters - Architecture, Sundials & Light        Robert L. Kellogg
  • Basic Astronomy For The Gnomonist - Part 2                    Kevin Karey
  • The Bellingham Mural Sundial                                         Lelievre & Stephens
  • The New Vertical Sundial at Impression 5 Science Center  Thomas Goodman
  • A "Hat" Sundial Now Unfortunately Disapeared                  Gian Cassalegno
  • The Shepherd's Dial - A Review                                       Donald J R Petrie
  • A Viking Sunstone Sundial                                               Mark Montgomery
  • Sighting in Bellefontaine Cemetery, St. Louis MO               Don L. Snyder
  • The Tove's Nest
  • Digital Bonus
    • 2018 NASS Conference Retrospective.pdf
    • BT_Johansson_Sundials_preprint.pdf
    • Karney BasicAstronomyforthe Gnomononist3.pdf
    • KarneyWorkedExample.pdf
    • Montgomery2018VikingSunstoneSundial.pptx
    • Munichrestaurant.mp4
    • Og;lesby2010SimpleHeliodon.pdf
    • SawyerDialingPrize.pdf
  • To The Sun=Dial.  A Midnight Reverie                              Bernard Barton
  • An Editorial Note                                                            Fred Sawyer
  • Photos
  • Basic Astronomy For The Gnomonist - A Working Example Kevin Kary

Volume 25, Number 3, September 2018

  • Sundials for Starters - STEM and Sundials                         Robert L. Kellogg
  • Method of Describing Sundials by Isosceles Triangles          Frans van Schooten
  • A Mostly Visual Derivation of George Serle's Dialing Scales  Bill Gottesman
  • Sightings ... A Painted Wall Sundial In Perryville, MO           Don Snyder
  • Basic Astronomy For The Gnomonists - Part 1                     Kevin Karney
  • The Dent Dipleidoscope and The Iconantidiptic Meridian      Erwin Wechsler
  • An Original Monumental Sundial                                        Gianpiero Casalegno
  • Reflecting Sundials                                                          Denis Savoie
  • The Old Sundial (poem)                                                   Francis M. Dean (1876)
  • The Tove's Nest
  • Digital Bonus
Dipleidoscope Resource Material
Murder by Gnomon - A Murder Mystery for the 2017 NASS Conference"
Video: Orologio della metropolitana di Monaco

Volume 25, Number 2, June 2018

  • Sundials for Starters - A Preveza Sundial Mystery Ars Nikolopoulus  Robert L. Kellogg
  • Edward S. Ritchie's Azimuth Circle                       Erwin Wechsler
  • Digital Bonus
Preveza Sundial-SD.mp4
US Patent 481625 E.S. Richie Azimuth Circle 1892
  • The Aquincum Fragment                                     Paolo Alberi-Auber
  • Using Equinox Lines to Design Sundials                 Arthur L. Kaufman
  • Dial Without a Stile                                             Maurice Kieffer
  • The Tove's Nest
  • Sundial at Sunset - New York World's Fair            back cover

Volume 25, Number 1, March 2018

  • Sundials for Starters - The Dial At Howard University  Robert L. Kellogg
  • A "Tool" To Make All Horizontal Dials for Any Latitude Alessandro Gunella
  • An Observation By Athanasius Kircher (1646)
  • From Sculpture to Sundial                                    Deran Wright
  • Star Trials as Conic Sections                                Ortwin Feustel
  • Digital Bonus
Sibenac Savoie Supporting Excel Spreadsheets
Correction Horaire Excel Spreadsheets
Lahaina Noon at Subaru Telescope's Base Facility.mp4
Sundial and Geometry - Intro for the Classroom Lawrence E. Jones (1980)
  • On a Sundial in Mottram Churchyard, Whitsuntide 1865 William Quarmby
  • A Diesel Engine Sundial                                       Herbert H.J. Riedel
  • Spreadsheets for Savoie                                      John Sibenac
  • A Large Equatorial Sundial Below the Equator        James Stegenga
  • A new Circular Double Helix Sundial                      Yves Zweifel
  • Chartres: Highlight of St-Jean The Window & Nail  Don J.R. Petrie
  • Sky Gate and Lahaina Noon                        
  • Sightings... In a St. Louis Seminary                       Don Snyder
  • The Tove's Nest
  • Benjamin Banneker Plaque [for Howard University Sundial]


Volume 24, Number 4, December 2017

  • Sundials for Starters - Life and Death of a Sundial   Robert L. Kellogg
  • 3D Printing a Schmoyer Dial Replica                       Robert L. Kellogg
  • A Horizontal Tide Dial                                            Steve Lelievre
  • Reflection of the Sun in a Mirror                             Gianni Ferrari
  • Sightings ... In St. Louis Missouri                            Don Snyder
  • g-math: An Excel Add-In for Gnomonics                  Steve Lelievre
  • The Declination of the Sun on a Day of N Hours        Alessandro Gunella
  • The Tove's Nest
  • Digital Bonus
Equant Dials Lelievre (DeltaCad basic procedures for gmath.xlam (file needed to install Steve Lelievre's Excel add-in) (four scad files to 3D print the Sunquest Dial)
SchmoyerDial&3DPrintin.mp4 (Bob Kellogg's video presentation)
2017 Schmoyer Dial & 3D Printing                                      Robert L. Kellogg
2017 Variants of Foster-Lambert & Sawyer quadrant dials
2017 Overview of Sundials in Sydney & New Zealand     Martins Gills
  • Schmoyer Sunquest [Gnomon] Schematic                Richard Schmoyer

Volume 24, Number 3, September 2017

  • Sundials for Starters - Other Shadows                     Robert L. Kellogg
  • An Eclipse Sundial for Perry County, Mo.                  Donald Snyder
  • The Hollow Hemispheric Sundial in the Vatican Museum Ortwin Feustel
  • Gnomonic Watch Faces                                          Gian Casalegno
  • The Sundial                                                          Caroline A.B. Mason (1891)
  • A Portable Sundial                                                 Arthur L. Kaufman
  • The First Meridian Line in the Basilica of S. Petronio Alessandro Gunella
  • The Tove's Nest
  • Digital Bonus
2017 What People Expect From Sundials                         Martins Gills
2017 Eclipse Sundial Project                                               Bill Gottesman
2017 Perry County Sundial                                                   Donald Snyder
2017 Unusual Sundials in Sonne & Alemma                   Helmut Sonderegger
2017 Sundials Through Time in Mexico                             Villegas & Montes
  • Usus Et Tractatio Gnomonis Magni                          Egnazio Danti (1576)


Volume 24, Number 2, June 2017

  • Sundials for Starters – How Accurate is a Sundial?   Robert L. Kellogg
  • Bifilar Sundials Within Everyone's Means                 Gian Casalegno
  • A Universal Equinoctial Sundial & Hindu Time Measurement Sue Manston
  • The Spherograph & Hyatt's Celestial Coordinator     Erwin Wechsler
  • A Foster-Lambert Sundial Showing Hours to Sunset Steve Lelievre
  • On a Sundial                                                        William Croswell Doane
  • How Uniform Standard Time Came About               Frank Leslie's Popular
  • Innards of the Pilkington Gibbs Heliochronometer     J. Mike Shaw
  • Notes On the Global Analemma                              Mark Montgomery
  • A Seattle Picnic Table Sundial                                Arthur L. Kaufman
  • Schoner's 1562 Method for Building a Horizontal Sundial Alessandro Gfunella
  • Digital Bonus
Time Error Spreadsheet
Manual Celestial Coordinator.pdf
Orolgi Solari
Bifilar Design Examples (Short Videos)
  • The Tove's Nest
  • Sun Cannon in Atividabert, Sweden                        Solkanonklubben

Volume 24, Number 1, March 2017

  • Sundials for Starters – Solar Eclipses In History    Robert L. Kellogg
  • Observing A Total Solar Eclipse                        Kretsch & Kellogg
  • The Underused Underslung Gnomon                 Don J.R. Petrie
  • The Discovery of the Wheel by Caspar Ens        Alessandro Gunella
  • Self-Supplying Fountain and Sun-Dial                The Mechanic and Chemist
  • A Mathematical Analysis of the Globe Sundial of Matelica Ortwin Feustel
  • Solargraphy                                                    Mark Montgomery
  • A Sundial with Walking Gnomon                        Helmut Sonderegger
  • An Inventory of Spanish SUndials                      Pedro Novella
  • Sun Dial, Brazen Devil, and Wooden & Iron Gnomons William Harvey
  • The Tove's Nest
  • Digital Bonus


Volume 23, Number 4, December 2016

  • Sundials for Starters - Sundials Gone Awry          Robert Kellogg
  • A Universal Sundial Ruler For Shadow-Following Clocks  Heinz Sigmund
  • To An Old Sundial                                             R.S.N (1914)
  • A Survey of Various Globe Sundials                     Mark Montgomery
  • Elliptical Sundials: General And Craticular            Fred Sawyer
  • Seeing Double By a Famous American Adventurer Martin Jenkins
  • Digital Bonus
2016 Catalan Sundials - Power Point Roger Bailey
2016 Spherical Sundials - Power Point Mark Montgomery
2016 Wooden Dials - Power Point O'Hearn
United States Patent Heliosphere US 8,528,218 B2 Popendorf
2011 Elliptical Dials - Power Point Fred Sawyer
2011 La Hire and Picard - Power Point Fred Sawyer
2016 Brazil's Newest Sundial - Power Point Jim Stegenga
Tesseract Flyer PDF
  • Bettini's Method For THe Horizontal Dial               Alessandro Gunella
  • The Tove's Nest

Volume 23, Number 3, September 2016

  • Sundials for Starters - Right Triangles and a Classic Equation - Robert Kellogg
  • Globe Sundial of Prosymna - The Enigma Solved   Ortwin Feustel
  • Linear Equant Sundial Design                               Fred Sawyer
  • A Graphical Dial Construction By Jean de Castillon  Fred Sawyer
  • Digital Bonus
2016 Retrospective                                                              Roger Bailey
2016 Sundials and Smartphones - Power Point            Roger Bailey
2016 TIme to Reflect - Power Point                                   Ken Clark
2016 Digital Gnomon Update - Power Point                   Robert Kellogg
2009 Equants Scales & Castillon - Power Point            Fred Sawyer
2016 Brasil's Newest Sundial - Power Point                  Jim Stegenga
  • Sundials And Smartphones                                  Roger Bailey
  • A Delight Still to Chastened And Wiser Men           Leighton Buzzard Observer
  • The Tove's Nest

Volume 23, Number 2, June 2016

  • Editor's Note
  • The Tove's Nest
  • Digital Bonus
BSS Duck Soup                                                                                     Martin Jenkins
  • The Properties of Shadows in Dialing                                Gianni Ferrari
  • The Shadow Sharpener                                                   Gianni Ferrari

Volume 23, Number 1, March 2016

  • Sundials for Starters - How Bright is the Sun at Rise & Set   Robert L. Kellpogg
  • Quiz Answer: Is This Dialing Scale Universal?                      Rolf Wieland
  • Helsinki Reflector Noon Marks                                            Martins GIlls
  • The Heliochronometer of Schwarzenau                              Kurt Descovich
  • Stefano DiGiovanni: Author Who Played With Italic Hours     Allesandro Gunella
  • Digital Bonus
Hill TOp Sundial Presentation                                                            Victoria Lister Carley
Ottoman Sundial - Konya Science Cneter                                        Roger Bailey
Missing Handen Sundial Presentation                                             Martins Gills
Vuotie Noon Reflectors Presentation                                                Martins Gills
Abstracts of Publications on Gnomonics                                         Rafael Soler Gaya
Digital Gnomon Video                                                                          Robert L. Kellogg
Sundial Alignment Program                                                                Bill Gottesman
  • Designing a Digital Sundial                                                Robert L. Kellogg
  • The Tove's Nest
  • A High Altitude Sundial!


What is the NASS Repository?

The North American Sundial Society now makes available a treasure trove of dialing material on a single CD!  To purchase The NASS Repository and other NASS publications, see the NASS Publications Order Form

Compendium Back Issues - All issues of The Compendium to date of the NASS journal are presented in PDF format, with known errors corrected, color added to the photos, and hyperlinks both within and across the issues. (The free Acrobat Reader version 4.0 or above is required - and included on the DVD.)

Sundial Registry - A recent version of the ever-expanding registry of sundials in North America, including locations, brief descriptions and over 500 photos.

Aked/Severino Gnomonics Bibliography - This is an important listing of over 10,000 works on dialing and is probably the largest such compilation ever assembled. (copyright Charles Aked / Nicola Severino)


Read more: NASS Repository


"SHEWING, HOW TO DESCRIBE THE Houre-lines upon all sorts of Plaines, Howsoever, or in what Latitude so-ever Scituated; As also, To find the Suns Azimuth, whereby the sight of any Plaine is examined. Performed by a Quadrant, fitted with lines necessary to the purpose. Invented and Published by SAMVEL FOSTER, Professor of Astronomie in Gresham Colledge LONDON, Printed by John Dawson for Francis Eglesfield, and are to be sold at the signe of the Marigold in Pauls Church-yard. 1638." (50 pages, 1.9 MB)

Also, in non-facsimile form, NASS presents with a paragraph-by-paragraph collation with the earlier edition [above] is the second edition of Samuel Foster's THE ART OF DIALLING. This edition provides "several Additions and Variations of the Authors, deduced from his own Manuscript. With a SUPPLEMENT, Performing all the Instrumental Work of the Quadrant, by Calculation. By help of the Canons of Sines and Tangents, which of all ways is the most Exact. By WILLIAM LEYBOURN Philomath. LONDON, Printed by J.R. for Francis Eglesfield at the Marygold in St. Pauls Churchyard. 1675." (60 pages, 0.8 MB)

This can be ordered from LuLu Books: Foster: Art of Dialling (1638)

Read more: Volume I. The Art of Dialling 1638/1675

Compendium_Dec2008_FrontPageThis issue begins with "Sundials for Starters" by Robert Kellogg from Maryland, describing the Cahokia Mounds American Woodhenge built by Mississippian Indians.  Robert then discusses the mathematics of astro-archeology to compute the alignments of the wooden posts for sunrise at summer and winter solstices and at the spring-fall equinox.  During the mathematical investigation Robert exclaims, " Our euphoria at becoming the next Indiana Jones is shattered however when we realize that (1) we have ignored refraction, (2) we've used the center of the sun and may need to use the uppoer or bottom limb of the sun as a realistic, observable marker, and (3) we have ignored the Collinsville Bluffs that rise above the true horizon."  So how do we solve the problem? Read The Compendium and find out.

The Alessandro Gunella from Italy discusses the "Discovery that Lines for Unequal Hours are Not Straight", or at least this was the thinking during the 16th century.  Are they curved or straight? 

Next the Connecticut Historical Society discusses the Sheldon Moore Sundial, a popular dial manufactured in Kennsignton, CT during the 1840's. "The manufacture of sundials was commenced prior to August 1840, in which month, a supply was sent to Breck & Company of Boston for sale at 20% commission.  In six months they sold 18 dials, which apparently encouraged Sheldon Moore to expanc his facilities".  How much did they cost?  Read The Compendium and find out.

John Davis of the UK discusses a Triple Horizontal Dial for California. John starts his article with an introduction "There are not many clients for a horizontal sundial that have consulted an original copy of William Leybourn's 1682 book on dialing before arriving to discuss their dial design.  But Dr. Rudy Light of Redwood Valley, California, had done so and also brought a copy of Leybourn's diagram of 'An Horizontall Dial with its Furniture' ... with him when he visited me in the summer of 2003.  When he explained that he wanted a large scientific dial to position ouside his house and that he 'wasn't aftriad of complications', I knew it would be an interesting project."  The result of the project is on the cover of this issue of The Compendium.

And did you know that The Entrance Exam for Japaneese Junior High School students contains questions about gnomonics?  Could you answer the questions correctly?  See if you qualify for Shibuya Kyoiku Gakuen Makuhari Junior High School, Chiba City, Japan.  Barry Duel, an NASS member interviewed the author of the gnomnics questions to find "The science teacher who made the test explained in an interview that he tries to prepare problems that students cannon easily memorize in advance.  He wants students who can think ..."

Read this issue of The Compendium to find these articles and much, much more.

Download this file (Compendium_Dec2008.pdf)The Compendium Dec 2008[Quarterly Journal of the North American Sundial Society]3066 kB

For over 15 years NASS has been documenting significant sundials in North America.  From the Dominican Republic to Alaska we photograph and record interesting sundials.  We emphasize "public dials" that can be viewed by all.  Some are in parks, some on buildings or street corners.  But they all have interesting features.  Some have fascinating stories.  Discover the nearly lost sundial of Thomas Jefferson in St. Louis, MO or the stone alignments in Amherst, MA and Burlington, VT. 

All of these dials are available as part of the nearly 700 sundials incorporated into the North American Sundial Society Registry.  We encourge you to submit new sundials to the registry and to improve the existing registry by photos and current description of these dials. See the top menu tab "Dial Registry".

Want to simply ask the Sundial Registrar a question or report a problem you found with the NASS Sundial Registry?

The Registrar wants to hear from you! Click here This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to send an email directly to the Registrar.


Volume 22, Number 4, December 2015

  • Sundials for Starters - Calculations For a Winter Solstice        Robert L. Kellogg
  • Quiz: Is This Dialing Scale Universal?    Rolf Wieland
  • Digital Bonus
CalCad (Sundial Calculator) Yvon Masse
La Hire & Picard Fred Sawyer
Schmoyer Sundial Richard Schmoyer
Portland Flyer - Sundial Conference 2016
Registration Form - Sundial Conference 2016
  • Philippe de La Hire & Jean Picard          Fred Sawyer
  • Neolithic Geometry and the Layout of a Garden Sundial           Stephen Luecking
  • Finding Astronomical Quantities Using Vitruvious' Analemma    Orwin Feustel
  • Building A Dual Cylindrical Sundial        John Healey
  • The Dials                                           John Wallace Peach (1918)
  • The Universal Dial of John Marke          Alessandro Gunella
  • Sterne's Distances                              John Collins (1659)
  • The Tove's Nest
  • The Linnaeus Flower Dial                    Stephen Luecking

Volume 22, Number 3, September 2015

  • Sundials for Starters - Seeing Double     Robert L. Kellogg
  • Albert Cushing Crehore (1868-1959)      Fred Sawyer
  • Digital Bonus:
US Patent 794,787 (1905) to Albert Crehore
A Scientific Elucidation of Sun Dials - Albert Crehore
A Reflecting Ceiling Sundial - Jackie Jones
  • A Land Without Time                           Mark Montgomery
  • Sightings... In Legacy Park                   J. Lennart Berggren
  • Some Forgotten Formulas                   Gianni Ferrari
  • A "Living" Floor Sundial                       Siegfried Rasper
  • A Caustic Sundial                                Bert Willard
  • Uses Of Reflecting Dials                       Claude Hartman
  • Equatorial Reflecting Sundials              Gianpiero Casalegno
  • A Polish Sundial in Romania                 Dan Uza
  • The Tove's Nest
  • Indoctrinating the Grandkids

Volume 22, Number 2, June 2015

This is a special issue containing:

  • The Horologia Nova or The New Art of Dialling in Theory and Practice of Benjamin Martin (1704-1782) with selected excerpts from his Institutions of Dialling.
  • Description of two New Instruments for facilitating the practice of Dialling, Encyclopaedia Britannica
  • Of the best Methods of drawing a Meridian Line by COncentric Circles, by the Hyperbola, and The Theory of a New Equal Altitude Instrument for that Purpose by Benjamin Martin
  • The Theory and Construction of an Elliptical, Circular, and Diametral Dial, which by Means of a common Horizontal Dial, will find the true Meridian by Benjamin Martin

Volume 22, Number 1, March 2015

  • Sundials for Starters – The Morning And Evening Star - Robert L. Kellogg
  • Digital Bonus
A host of Computable Document Formats to interactively explore the analemma, day and night world clock, equation of time, solar time and more
  • Elongation Of The Sun And Length Of Day - Alessandro Gunella
  • The Sundial - R.S. Gedney (1857)
  • The Plath Sun Compass - Bill Morris & Dan LaPorte
  • Sundial Design Considerations - Don Snyder
  • Sundial In A Picture Frame - Arthur L. Kaufman
  • Inscription For A Sundial - F.E.R. Hastings (1842)
  • Conference Hosting - Mark Montgomery
  • The Tove’s Nest


Volume 21, Number 4, December 2014

  • Sundials for Starters - Bisextile Years And The Analemma - Robert L. Kellogg
  • A “Little Bit Wrong” Method For Horizontal Sundials - Alessandro Gunella
  • A S. American Dial With A N. American Connection - Martin Jenkins
  • Interpreting Sundials - Mark Montgomery
  • Digital Bonus
Orologi Solari
RiflessioneENU (How to Design a Reflection Sundial by means of the Orologi Solari Program) - Casalegno
2014 Conference Retrospective.pdf
Ai Khanum.pptx – Aubert
Quitsato Update.pdf - Conners
Parallelpipeds.ppt – Gunnerson
NASS Interpretation.ppt – Montgomery
Cylinder Sundial Manual.pdf
Sawyer Award Certificate to Robert Kellogg
2015 NASS Conference – Getting to Victoria.pdf
  • The Practical Geometry Of Revolved Surface Gnomons - Stephen Luecking
  • Review: Denis Savoie’s Recherches Sur Les Cadrans Solaires - Fred Sawyer
  • Hollow Sphere And Hollow Cone Sundials - Part 2 - Ortwin Feustel
  • The Tove’s Nest
  • Skateboard Dialing

Volume 21, Number 3, September 2014

  • Sundials for Starters- Ancient Alexandria Alignment -  Robert L. Kellogg
  • Uffenbach’s Zeitweiser Published 1598 – Reinhard Folk
  • Still A Method (#11) For The Horizontal Sundial – Alessandro Gunella
  • The Sundial Potter – Potter Craig
  • TriSph: The Gnomonist’s Swiss Army Knife – Yvon Massé
  • Lusby Taylor’s Mean Time Dial – Rolf Wieland
  • Hollow Sphere And Hollow Cone Sundials – Part 1 – Ortwin Feustel
  • Jonas’ Dial – Jacob Abbott (1839)
  • Digital Bonus
TriSph Program – Spherical Triangle Solver - Yvon Massé
Spherical Trigonometry – Daniel A. Murray 1906
US Patent 7,114,262 B2 Andrews  “Sundial with Standard Time Display Oct 3, 2006
  • The Tove’s Nest              

Volume 21, Number 2, June 2014

  • Maeterlinck On Sundials - Maurice Maeterlinck (1906)
  • Sundials for Starters- Outreach - Robert L. Kellogg
  • Wandering-Gnomon Sundial Design - Fred Sawyer
  • The Last Schilt Heliochronometer - Fred Sawyer
  • The Schilt Criterion - Alessandro Gunella
  • A Note On Schilt’s Theorem - Willy Leenders
  • Locating The Schilt Point - Fred Sawyer
  • City Of Sundials - Gisborne Herald
  • Creating Large Curved And Linear Figures On The Ground - Arthur L. Kaufman
  • Digital Bonus
Wandering Gnomon 2013 Conference – Fred Sawyer
Analemmatic Sundial Project 2013 Conference – Robert L. Kellogg
Two Projects 2013 Conference – Bill Gottesman
Duration – Counting the Sunny Hours 2013 Conference – Roger Bailey
  • Sciothericum Telescopicum (excerpt) - William Molyneux (1686)
  • Sundials For Indicating Ultraviolet Exposure - Jeffrey L. Kretsch
  • Declining & Inclining Sundials – An Unusual Approach - Ortwin Feustel
  • The Tove’s Nest              

Volume 21, Number 1, March 2014

  • Sundials for Starters – Concrete Ideas  - Robert L. Kellogg
  • Book Notices… - Fred Sawyer
  • A Beautiful Spiral Dial in Québec - André E. Bouchard
  • New Method Of Setting Sundials – An Improvement - Rolf Wieland
  • A Shepherd’s Azimuth Dial - Frank B. Herty
  • Deducing The Equation Of Time - Thomas R. Hughes, Jr.
  • Some Generalized Analemmatic Sundials - Bernard Rouxel
  • Solar Sculpture Sighting… Near The Oakland Airport - Thomas R. Hughes, Jr.
  • Build A Vertical Declining Dial - Alessandro Gunella
  • Saint Hildevert In England - Fred Sawyer
  • Digital Bonus
Determining the Equation of Time – Hughes
Design and Construction of an Equatorial Dial – McCarthy
My Pilgrimage To Quitsato – GrantMaymont Dial - Woodbury
  • The Tove’s Nest


Volume 20, Number 4, December 2013

  • Sundials for Starters – The Analemma   - Robert L. Kellogg
  • New Method Of Setting Sun-Dials - Time’s Telescope (1824)
  • The Obelisk Of Augustus – Part II  - Paolo Albèri-Auber
  • Sundials From Toroids - Stephen Luecking
  • Some New Bifilar Sundials - Bernard Rouxel
  • Sundial Hunting - Montgomery/McDavid
  • Digital Bonus
Retrospective (Powerpoint) - Bailey
Noon Mark (Powerpoint) - Clark
Devon Dialling Miscellany - Jenkins
Toroid Dials (Powerpoint) – Luecking
Solargraph Update (Powerpoint) – Paque
Mean Time Instruments (Powerpoint) - Parsons
  • A Particular Kind Of Altitude Dial - Alessandro Gunella
  • Inscription For A Sun-Dial - W.C. Harvey (1819)
  • Conical Sundial Of The Archaeological Museum of Athens - Panou, Theodossiou, et al.
  • Holbein’s Clock Salt - Fred Sawyer
  • The Tove’s Nest 
  • A Solargraph – October 24 2012 - Art Paque

Volume 20, Number 3, September 2013

  • Sundials for Starters – New Technology – Robert L. Kellogg
  • Mathematical Analysis Of The Globe Sundial of Prosymna – Ortwin Feustel
  • A NASS Sun Compass Flick Book – Frank King
  • An Analemmatic Sundial Project – Susan Leimbach
  • Love And The Sundial – Thomas Moore (1829)
  • A Parting Wish – Yale Lit (1884)
  • Bainbridge Island Sundial –
  • The Obelisk Of Augustus And Its Meridian Line – Paolo Albèri-Auber
  • When A Sundial Beats The Mechanical Clock – Martins Gills
  • Sightings… An Ailing Analemma           Jeffery Kretsch
  • Digital Bonus
King2013SunCompass.ppt (Power Point File of Frank’s talk at NASS Conference)
King2013SunCompass.pdf (PDF version of Frank’s talk plus script)
King2013NASSat20FB.pdf (flick book of 53 sun compasses for NASS 20th anniversary)
Zipped letter and postscript file to create flick book
Middleton1904letter.pdf (copy of E.C. Middleton’s 1904 letter)
Middleton1913UseofDiallingScales.pdf (Middleton instructions for dialing scales)
Middleton1896SundialsofWarwickshire.pdf (Middleton study of sundials)
US01289837Love.pdf (US Patent to C.D. Love, 1918)
US01396937Love.pdf (US Patent to C.D. Love, 1921)
000033_4.pdf (Fabio Savian’s animated 3D pdf of a conical sundial)
  • C.D. Love’s Roadside Sundials – Fred Sawyer
  • Ephemera: An Offer Of Assistance From E.C. Middleton – Fred Sawyer
  • Horizontal Layout #10 -  Alessandro Gunella
  • The Tove’s Nest
  • Love And The Sundial. Duet.    - Thomas Moore (1829) Cover

Volume 20, Number 2, June 2013

  • Sundials for Starters – Dials In The Landscape - Robert L. Kellogg
  • A Trans-Atlantic Sundial from a “Hollandaise Source” – Tony Moss
  • Atmospheric Refraction And Sundials – Gianni Ferrari
  • A Mobile Gnomonic Tool For Android Devices – Gianpiero Casalegno
  • Sister Sundials Reunited In Peoria, Illinois! – James Ludwig
  • Digital Bonus
Daniel Faversham Noon Mark Sundial Layout
King Presentation on Leap Years
Moss Presentation Trans-Atlantic Sundial
NASS Cambridge Registration
  • A Universal Sundial Presented By Johannes Gaupp – Helmut Sonderegger
  • The Sun-Dial – M’Cready Sykes
  • Sightings … In The Desert – Peter Mantarakis
  • Ephemera – A Thank You Letter from William Cowper – Fred Sawyer
  • Horizontal Layout 9 - Alessandro Gunella
  • The Tove’s Nest

Volume 20, Number 1, March 2013

  • Sundials for Starters – Art in Placing The Gnomon - Robert L. Kellogg
  • Non Numero Nisi Serenas - Gertrude Hoey
  • Parallel Time - Peggy Gunnerson
  • A Reflective Reflected Sundial - Silvio Magnani
  • Tracking Elihu Yale’s Sundial - Fred Sawyer
  • Using The Sun To Survey Long Straight Lines - Arthur L. Kaufman
  • Quiz Answer: Nicole’s Meridian - Fred Sawyer
  • Digital Bonus:
Sundial Plaza/Cranmer Park Endangered - Colorado Preservation
An Hours To Sunset Vertical Analemmatic Sundial - Mac Oglesby
Horizontal Layout 8 - Alessandro Gunella
An EOT App For Android Platforms - Don Snyder
  • The Tove's Nest


Volume 19, Number 4, December 2012

  • Sundials for Starters – A Moving Earth - Robert L. Kellogg
  • Quiz Answer: The Houseman’s Trick - Kosmala & Wieland
  • Quiz: Nicole’s Meridian - Fred Sawyer>/li>
  • Two Sundials In Nichephoros - K. Kordosis et al.
  • The Meridian Instrument At Griffith Observatory II - Bohannan & Norris
  • The Shimel-Hyams Sundial - Robert Adzema
  • The Phenomenon Of Sunlight In Rose Windows - Rafael Soler Gayà
  • A Ramp Walking Sundial - Mac Oglesby
  • The Culmination Sundial - Ortwin Feustel
  • Digital Bonus
Sharpen Your Knives Using The Science Of Sundials - Bill Gottesman
Horizontal Layout 7 - Fred Sawyer
  • The Tove’s Nest
  • Sawyer Dialing Prize Certificate to Frank King

Volume 19 Number 3, September 2012

  • Sundials for Starters – A Simple Equatorial Dial – Robert L. Kellogg
  • Quiz: The Houseman’s Trick – Kosmala & Wieland
  • The Meridian Instrument at Griffith Observaory – Bohannan & Norris
  • A Compact Indoor Reflection Sundial – Egan & Kellogg
  • An Eclipse Sundial – Bill Gottesman
  • Projected Refraction Sundials with Ambigram – Fred Sawyer
  • The Sphere of Matelica – Alessandro Gunella
  • Horizontal Layout 6 – Fred Sawyer
  • Henry Moore Sundial In Germany – Rolf Wieland
  • The Tove’s Nest
  • Digital Bonus – Maps, Sundials in Mallorca, Ambigrams and More

Volume 19 Number 2, June 2012

  • Sundials for Starters – Oldest Dials - Robert L. Kellogg
  • Horizontal Layout 5 - Patrick Powers
  • Sighting… In Saratoga Springs - Martin & Janet Jenkins
  • Geographic Dials - Alessandro Gunella
  • The Sundial (Poem) - Stephen Coleridge
  • Polyhedral Sundials - Donald Snyder
  • NASS at USASEF - Robert Kellogg
  • Shadow Casting And Lines On Spherical Sundials, Pt. 2 - Ortwin Feustel
  • Inca Gnomons - Arthur L. Kaufman
  • Horiz. Instrument, Thomas Spencer & The Sundicator - Tom Kreyche
  • The Tove’s Nest
  • Digital Bonus
Cartesius 2011 Sundial Design software - Riccardo Anselmi
Educational Multi-Dial for Schools - Tony Moss
Patent 2,715,273 "Sundicator" - Determining Direction of Astronomical Bodies - Dodd & Spencer

Volume 19 Number 1, March 2012

  • Sundials for Starters – World’s Largest & Smallest – Robert L. Kellogg
  • Canonical and Antique Hours, and St. Benedict – Frans W. Maes
  • Sundial Sightings… At Kalamazoo Nature Center – Mark Montgomery
  • Quiz Answer: The Relocated Equatorial Sundial – Feustel & Wieland
  • A Look at Using a Watch as a Compass – Jeffrey L. Kretsch
  • Daylight Saving Time – C.J. Corliss
  • Two Sundials in Drama, Greece – Theodossiou, et. al.
  • Gnomonic Diversions: A Motorized Sundial – Silvio Magnani
  • The Sundial of Cicero – Massimo Goretti
  • Horizontal Layouts 1-4 – Fred Sawyer
  • The Serendipitous Sundial – Paul Kinion
  • An Equicurvilinear Layout Francis Reymann
  • The Tove’s Nest
  • Digital Bonus:
CadranMulticurv.xls (Francis Reymann)
OudemansCurve.pdf (Fred Sawyer)
Reflsun.exe (Gianni Ferrari)
Reflsun_Manual.pdf (manual for reflection sundials)


Volume 18 Number 4, December 2011

  • Displaced Sundials – Rolf Wieland
  • Quiz Answer: The Fractured Dial Face – Mac Oglesby
  • A Sundial for Rheticus – Helmut Sonderegger
  • Digital Bonus
  • British Sundial Safari to le Mans, France – Jack Aubert
  • Sun City Sundial Re-dedication – John Carmichael
  • A Stained Glass Spot Dial – Mark Montgomery
  • Shadow Casting and Lines on Spherical Sundials – Part 1 – Ortwin Feustel
  • Quiz: The Relocated Equatorial Sundial – Ortwein Feustel
  • How to Build a Geographic Sundial – Gianpero Casalegno
  • Hour and Date Lines on a Round Tower – Rolf Wieland
  • The Equation of Time from Bender’s Big Score (2007)
  • The Tove’s Nest
  • A Fool’s Errand

Volume 18 Number 3, September 2011

  • Sundials for Starte - Video Potpourri – Robert L. Kellogg
  • Further Notes On The Spherical Gnomon Sundial – Hal Brandmaier
  • A Shadow Tubes Model for Spherical Gnomons – Stephen Luecking
  • Quiz Answer: The Shadow of a Pergola – Rolf Wieland
  • Quiz: The Fractured Dial Face – Mac Oglesby
  • Apt Sundial Tour – Roger Bailey
  • Digital Bonus
  • Shadows Cast By a Tilted Circular Disk – Ortwin Feustel
  • The Profile of the Horizon – Gianpiero Casalegno
  • The Oughtred Dial and Scratch Dials – Alessandro Gunella
  • Sundial Sighting… At Indiana University – Mark Montgomery
  • The Tove’s Nest

Volume 18 Number 2, June 2011

  • Sundials for Starters – Penumbral Shadow - Robert L. Kellogg
  • Quiz Answer: Progressive Sunsets – Bill Gottesman
  • Quiz: The Shadow of a Pergola - Rolf Wieland
  • Declination of the Sun (Approximating Formulae) - Herbert O. Ramp
  • Digital Bonus
  • Developing Ozanam's Map Dial Into A Modern Dial - Bill Gottesman
  • Students Construct Sundials - Mac Oglesby
  • Sundial Sighting ... At Butler University - Mark Montgomery
  • The Sundial On The Bridge - C.M. Paine (1905)
  • Ancient Hour Lines: Italic, Babylonian and Unequal Hours - Alessandro Gunella
  • A Panoramic Sundial - L. Ghia & T. Tasselli
  • How Accurate Are Bernhardt Rollers? - Rolf Wieland
  • Solving A Bifilar Sundial Using Vectors - William D. Horst
  • The Tove's Nest

Volume 18 Number 1, March 2011

  • Sundials for Starters – Education - Robert L. Kellogg
  • Quiz: Progressive Sunsets – Bill Gottesman
  • Digital Bonus: Calcad, Geotagging Zarbula, Japan Sundial Society, Porter and Hartness
  • To A Sundial… A Poem – D.F.G. Johnson
  • James Hartness & Russell Porter, Sundials & Sunclocks – Bert Willard
  • Sundials From Two Shadow Points – Yvon Massé
  • The Wistlepig Farm Sundial – Hugh Munro
  • The Japan Sundial Society -  Barry Duell
  • Equation Of Time – Approximating Formulae – Herbert O. Ramp
  • The EoT In Your Poke – Rolf Wieland
  • Geotagging Zarbula’s Sundials – Roger Bailey
  • A Sundial Based On The Archimedean Spiral – Ortwin Feustel
  • Dialing By Projection – Alessandro Gunella
  • A Method For Orienting A Horizontal Plane – Gianni Ferrari
  • Etching Sundials – Malcom Barnfield
  • The Tove’s Nest

Samuel Foster. Posthuma Fosteri: THE DESCRIPTION OF A RULER, Upon which is described divers SCALES:

AND The Uses thereof: Invented and written by Mr. SAMUEL FOSTER, LateProfessor of ASTRONOMIE in GRESHAM COLLEDG. By which the most usuall Propositions in Astronomie, Navigation, and Dialling, are facily performed. Also, a further use of the said Scales in Deliniating of far declining dials; and of those that Decline and Recline, three severall wayes. With the deliniating of all Horizontall Dials, between 30, and 60 gr. of Latitude, without drawing any lines but the Houres themselves. LONDON: Printed by ROBERT and WILLIAM LEYBOURN, for NICHOLAS BOURN, at the South entrance into the Royall Exchange. 1652.    (90 pages, 9.8 MB)

This book was published posthumously in the year that Foster died. It describes a ruler with 9 scales and gives instructions on how to use the scales to solve many of the standard problems of “astronomie, navigation, and dialling”. In addition to familiar trigonometric scales, the ruler includes two new scales introduced by Foster. The first provides an easy means of laying out horizontal dials between 30º and 60º of latitude without having to draw any auxiliary lines.

Read more: Volume II. Posthuma Fosteri 1638


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    Four times a year since 1994 The North American Sundial Society has published The Compendium.  Below is the Table of Contents for all issues of The Compendium.  You may get a CD of with all the content of these issues by purchasing The Repository CD.

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  • Shadow Catchers

    The Shadow Catchers Series is a treasure trove of original dialing books. To preserve the art and methods of dialing, The North American Sundial Society began its sponsorship of The Shadow Catcher Series - to recreate the art of dialing with reprints of rare original works by the founders of modern dialing..

    Each title in the collection is a reproduction of a centuries-old dialing text not readily available elsewhere. Originally each title was available only for a limited time as a hardbound printed book. Now the entire collection is available now in economical softbound (perfect binding) printed volumes and, of course, they are still available on CD.

    The eight volumes span from Samuel Foster's Art of Dylling (1638) to Jacques Ozanam - A Treatise of Gnomonicks (1712) and can be ordered by special arrangement through LuLu Books or you may order a CD disk of the Shadow Catchers: NASS Publications Order Form

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  • Sundial Registry

    603_ny_ny_77st_1aThe Sundial Registry is a list of sundials registered with The North American Sundial Society that contains nearly 700 dials across North America.  These dials represent significant sundial art, sculpture, and historical works that are on public display.

    It is the intention of the NASS Register to list every significant sundial on the North American continent and surrounding islands. We have a good head start, but there are many dials yet to be recorded, and even recorded dials change over time.

    You can to help by visiting sundials in your area and sending pertinent information (1) by mailing in the PDF form at the bottom, (2) by using the on-line form, or (3) by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We need basic descriptions of dials that have reasonable public access. Go dial hunting! Visit the dials in your area or as you travel, and send us your updates and discoveries. We need your input and we like surprises!

    For the first time we are able to present the COMPLETE Sundial Registry database of public dials, some of which have many interesting photos never seen before.

    NASS Members and the NASS Registar thank Chi Lian who visited 112 dials in 15 states and submitted numerous, excellent photos.

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