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NASS presents a wide variety of sundial links in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish and Russian.  Fortunately Google provides a free web-page translation service, creating web-page translations into the language of your choice:

·         Google Translation Service

·         Download Chrome Web Browser Integrated translation services in the browser


·         The Analemma Society

·         How to join your national sundial society

·         De Zonnewijzerkring (The Dutch Sundial Society)

·         Zonnewijzerkring Vlaanderen (Sundial Society of Flanders, Belgium)

·         The British Sundial Society

·         Gnomonica Italiana "the website of the Italian gnomonic community"

·         Orologi Solari

·         The Japanese Sundial Society

·         Deutche Gesellshaft fur Chronometrie

·         La Commission des Cadrans solaires du Québec

·         Commission des Cadrans Solaires de la Société Astronomique de France

·         Catalonia Sundial Society


·         The Sundial Site of Frans Maes (English) & (Dutch)

·         Danial Roth’s Sundial Links – comprehensive

·         Mike Shaw's Sundial Page

·         The Sundial Mailing List - international group

·         Tips for Searching the Sundial Mailing List Archive

·         Google finds definitions of 'sundial'

·         Wikipedia Sundials (Links, History, Math, and More)

·         Illustrating Shadows

·         Starry Messenger -  Whipple Museum of the History of Science


·         The Sundial Primer by Carl Sabanski

·         Walking Shadow Designs by Roger Bailey

·         Fun in the Sun - A Sundial Tutorial by Helga Nordhoff

·         An Educator's Guide to Equatorial Sundials - Walter Sanford

·         Sunshine in your pocket! Making a sundial for the northern hemisphere.

·         Making a Sun Clock

·         Play Sundial Games!

·         Sundial Resources K-8

·         Sun-Earth Day Kit from NASA

·         Science Olympiad - It's About Time: Sundials

·         Heavenly Mathematics: Cultural Astronomy - Variety of Material

·         Sunbeams and Sundials The Liverpool Museum

·         Sundials Article and Book - Christopher Daniel

·         What is a Sundial? - Christopher Daniel

·         About the measure of time

·         Measuring the Sky - A Quick Guide to the Celestial Sphere

·         Seasons and Sunlight

·         Make a Simple Sundial - Instructions

·         Make a Sundial - Hour Line Calculator and Video Instructions


·         Watches Back in Time (Resource links found by the students of Jessica Lee)

·         Sun Simulator and Astronomy Curriculum (University of Nebraska – Lincoln)

·         All About the Sun's Light - Simple reference to facts about sunlight


·         Construction of a hemispherium - Fer J. de Vries

·         Convert from deg/min/sec to decimal degrees and vise-versa

·         What is Trigonometry?

·         Dave's Short Trig Course

·         Frequently Asked Questions About Trigonometry

·         The Trigonometry Forum

·         An introduction to Trigonometry

·         Spherical Trigonometry - a new approach (Advanced)

·         Cupola Sundial Construction Plans - John Carmichael

·         A Polar Cycloid Sundial - Carl Sabanski

·         Shadow Plane Sundials – Fer J. de Vries, Mac Oglesby, Bill Maddux

·         NASA – Make a Sundial

·         A gnomonic experiment

·         A Bifilar Sundial – Carl Sabanski

·         Construct an Analemmatic Tree Sundial

·         Sundial for your garden" article in 1949 Modern Mechanix

·         Tridux 2000 - a device for laying out mirror sundials

·         Théorie sur le cadran solaire bifilaire vertical déclinant- D. Collin (French)

·         Jack Aubert's Sundial Page

·         Make a Horizontal Sundial

·         Make an Equatorial Sundial

·         Make a Vertical Sundial

·         Make your own Analemmatic Sundial

·         Postcard Sundials - Martins Gills

·         A Quest for a Civil Time Polar Sundial

·         Sundials - sulla cresta del londa - Riding the Wave (Italian)

·         Zegary Sloneczne Sundials - Theory and Practice (Polish)

·         Planetary Society Sundial - Two Worlds One Sun

·         Valentin Hristrov Sundial Construction at Carl Sabanski’s site with great explanations


·         Waymarking Sundials (neat - at least 8 pages)

·         A Sundial Park in Genk, Belgium  (English) & (Dutch)

·         Zonnewijzers in Genk (Sundials in the Genk Park)

·         Sundial Trails Around the World

·         St. Louis Sundial Trail

·         Amsterdam Sundial Trail

·         EZ Locate code to find lat/lon from your address


·         Templecombe Railway Station Analemmatic Sundial, Somerset UK

·         Union Station Horizontal Dial - Los Angeles CA United States

·         Sundial at Railway Station in Lenk, Switzerland

·         Sun Pointer at Amersfoor Central Station, Netherlands

·         Sundials at Santa Fe Railroad Station Dodge City Kansas US (need photos)

·         Osaka Station Sundial, Japan

·         Liverpool Road Station Sundial - 1830's Manchester Railway Terminus UK

·         Topiary Sundial Nairobi Train Station of Busch Gardens Tampa FL US

·         The Railway Meridiane from Vigezzina Italy to Centovalli Switzerland



·         Video: Solstice 2007 at Newgrange - Resequenced 6 Minute Version

·         Video: Newgrange - Megalithic Marvel – Ancient Inside, 1970’s Outside

·         Video: Tomb of Newgrange - Nat'l Geographic

·         Video: Stonehenge Astronomical Observatory

·         Video: Stonehenge Decoded - Nat'l Geographic

·         Video: Stonehenge Excavation - Nat'l Geographic

·         Video: Henges: Stonehenge to Avebury

·         Video: Ancient Monuments of Isle of Man

·         Video: Sun Dagger at Chaco Canyon - Several Videos of the Sun Dagger

·         Video: 3D Tour of the Sun Dagger at Chaco Canyon


·         Video: Frustrations of Accounting for Years, Time Zones and Leap Seconds

·         Video: Sundials and Latitude - A description of sunlight falling on the earth

·         Video: Measuring Time Through the Centuries – Stonehenge to Digital Watches

·         Video: Science Online - Our Planet is a Clock

·         Video: NASA - Transit of Venus


·         Video: Sun on Cassini's Meridian in San Pertronio - Bologna (In Italian)

·         Video: La Meridiana di S. Maria degli Angeli - Roma– nice

·         Video: Meridiana Modica – Watch a Spot of Sun

·         Video: La Meridiana della chiesa della Visitazione di Perinaldo

·         Video: La Linea del Sole - Museo Storia/ Scienza - Firenze (in Italian)

·         Video: Sun on Cassini's Meridian in San Pertronio - Bologna (In Italian)

·         Video: La Meridiana di S. Maria degli Angeli - Roma– nice

·         Video: Meridiana Modica – Watch a Spot of Sun

·         Video: La Meridiana della chiesa della Visitazione di Perinaldo

·         Video: Watch the Analemma Over New Jersey


·         Video: Gino & Judith Schiovone Create the Bowie Portal Sundial 2011

·         Video: Tony Moss Making a Sundial - BBC News

·         Video: Ancient Hobbyist - How to Make a Sundial

·         Video: Large Analemmatic Built for Malta School

·         Video: Focusing Sundial of Bill Gottesman

·         Video: Digital Sundial at Burning Man -  A Digital Sundial goes up in smoke

·         Video: Sundials - Canadian Science and Technology Museum

·         Video: Make an Equatorial Sundial w/CD and Toothpick (Tilt CD to 90-Latitude)

·         Video: Measuring Time Through the Centuries – Stonehenge to Digital Watches

·         Video: TED Lecture - Sending a Sundial to Mars - Bill Nye

·         Video: A number of videos on Equation of Time: K.Karney Precise Directions


·         Video: 17th Century Sundial Discovered at Historic Jamestown

·         Video: A 3D Tour of the Pantheon in Rome (In Italian)

·         Video: Building the Roman Pantheon

·         Video: Architecture of the Pantheon

·         Video: History and Architecture of the Pantheon

·         Video: Sun's Natural Light at Yosemite Horsetail Falls


·         John Carmichael Stained Glass Sundials From Around The World

·         John Carmichael Sundial Cupolas, Towers & Painted Wall Sundials

·         Sundials and Theory of Dials at Les cadrans solaires par Jean Pakhomoff

·         Willy Leenders Zonnewijzers In Limburg and Neatherlands

·         More than 3000 Pictures of sundials and clocks. - Peter Lindner

·         Sundials of the World – Carl Sabanski

·         Cadrans Solaires Website - Joël Robic

·         Gallery of Sundials of the Month - Joël Robic

·         Atlas of Sundials - More than 12,000 photos around the world

·         Phil's Sundial Photo Gallery

·         Sundials of the Camino

·         Mike Shaw's Sundial Page

·         Sundials of Scotland - Dennis Cowan

·         Sundials at the AstroGallery (China, India, South Tyrol)

·         Gallery of Dials of the Ardennes (in French)

·         Gallery of Sundials in Cities Around the World (in Russian)


·         Sundials in the Movies -  François Blateyron

·         Relojes de Sol en la Pintura

·         A miniature portrait of Nicholas Kratzer, astronomer to Henry VIII

·         Holbein's Portrait of Nicolas Kratzer

·         polyhedral and cylindrical sundials in Holbein's Ambassadors

·         Holbein's sundial paintings

·         Mario Arnaldi's collection La Gnomonica nell'Arte

·         Kaii Higashiyama (1908 - 1999)

·         Franz Marquis Von Bayros (1866 -1924)

·         The Measurers: a Flemish Painting of Mathematics in the Sixteenth Century

·         Rossetti's Dantis Amor (3 images)

·         Rossetti's Beata Beatrix

·         M. C. Escher - sundial

·         Poem For a Day - Jiyeon Song

·         Alfred Lord Tennyson - Sundial Sonnets


·         Greenwich Observatory - The Prime Meridian

·         A Brief History of Time - From Thales to Callippus

·         The Longitude of Greenwich and its relationship to GPS

·         Astronomical Time Keeping – Dirk Husfeld

·         Requirements for Universal Time Coordinated and Civil Timekeeping

·         Astronomical Calendars – Dirk Husfeld

·         Calendrical and Astronomical Links

·         Calculation of the Ecclesiastical Calendar and the Date of Easter

·         Calendar and Timekeeping at Ancient Qumran – the Judean luni-solar calendar

·         Why the U.S. Wants To End the Link Between Time and Sun

·         Sundial, calendar and Khmer temples

·         World Time Zone Map

·         World Time Zone Map - USNO


·         Cosmology and the Equation of Time - by Jack Foster

·         The Equation of Time - The Royal Observatory, Greenwich

·         Calendar Systems of the World

·         The vernal equinox also the autumnal equinox

·         Amazing images of the Analemma - Anthony Ayiomamitis

·         On the Trail of the Analemma – Anthony Ayiomamitis

·         Analemma - NASA Photo of the Day – Anthony Ayiomamitis

·         Analemma - an extensive explanation - Bob Urschel


·         The Line of the Sun - Institute and Museum of History of Science

·         An Angelic Line in Rome

·         A Guide to The Sun in the Church by J.L. Heilbron

·         Mathematical Supplement ot Heilbron

·         Meridian of Milan Cathedral

·         Meridian of Fossombrone

·         Meridian of S.M. degli Angeli

·         Merdiene in Serres (Hautes Alpes, France)

·         Eclipses And Pin-Hole Sundials The eclipse of 1999

·         The Meridian Gnomon of Saint Sulpice

·         Saint Sulpice Summer Solstice Plaque

·         Meridiane in Piemonte (Italian)

·         Meridian Line at the Paris Observatory


·         The Tower of Radkan - Solar Observatory - An Iranian site ~1261 AD

·         Egyptian Sundial from Thutmosis III (dated 1479-1425 BCE)

·         Egyptian Sundial from Ramsesside Period (dated 1292 – 1069 BCE)

·         S. Symons - Ancient Egyptian Astronomy (1999 Doctoral Thesis)

·         Sunrise on the Equinox + 1

·         Solar alignments at the Arc de Triomphe Link 1 Link 2 Link 3

·         Sun Dagger in Chaco Canyon: Archaeoastronomy in the American Southwest

·         The Sun Dagger in Chaco Canyon

·         Chaco Canyon Solstice Project

·         Sun Dagger – NASA article

·         Medicine Wheel

·         Obliquity Applet – Compute earth’s obliquity over the ages

·         Equinox - The Mayan Astronomers


·         Loughcrew Cairn T - Ireland – amazing photo gallery by Ken Williams

·         Ancient Astronomical Alignments – NASA article - Dr. Sten Odenwald

·         Sun Watchers Through Time – NASA multimedia

·         World's Ancient Observatories


·         Moon dial

·         The Moondial

·         A Martian Analemma

·         Mars Dial - Two Worlds, One Sun

·         A Lunar Analemma

·         Moon Calendar

·         Celestial Products: Moon Posters

·         Antikythera - Machine of the Cosmos


·         Largest Sundials - Jaipur and Jantar Mantar Sundial legacy of Jai Singh II

·         Centuries of Stained Glass Sundials

·         Reproduction of Thomas Jefferson's Spherical Sundial

·         15th century navicula, or "little ship of Venice" sundial

·         The history of George Boulby and his sundials

·         Scientists identify sundial at Qumran

·         Lo strumento astronomico di QUMRAN - Nuove interpretazioni(PDF - Italian)

·         A polyhedral dial attributed to Nicholas Kratzer

·         Astronomic Clock of Prague See the Excel spreadsheet at the bottom of the page.

·         Athens: The Tower of the Winds

·         Histoire de la mesure du temps(French)

·         Queens' College Dial

·         The MacTutor History Archive

·         History of Astronomy - Instruments - University of Bonn

·         Augustus' sundial

·         La Meridiana di Grottaferrata (Roma) The Perception of Modern and Ancient Rome


·         Institute and Museum of History of Science Florence

·         Sundial park in Genk, Belgium

·         Sundials in the National Maritime Museum - Greenwich Observatory

·         Epact: Scientific Instruments of Medieval and Rennaissance Europe
Search the Museum collection by Type / Maker / Century

·         Institute and Museum of the History of Science, Florence

·         Starry Messenger -  Whipple Museum of the History of Science

·         Frans Maes (English) & (Dutch) Excellent illustrations of dial types

·         Epact - Scientific Instruments of Medieval and Renaissance Europe

·         Sundials at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia

·         Old quadrant in the Museum of the History of Science, Oxford

·         National Institute of Science and Technology: A walk through time

·         Sundial pages at the Bremen Planetarium (German)

·         National Maritime Museum Sundial Collection

·         The Adler Planetarium Search the sundial collection

·         Nord Norsk Visitor Center Tromso Norwegian Sundials


·         The Book Of Sun-Dials originally compiled by the late Mrs. Alfred Gatty
Digital Library - University of Pennsylvania - Celebration of Women Writers

·         Google Book Search – All the Standard Sundial Books in Print

·         BSS Sundial Glossary – John Davis

·         Les Ombres des Temps and other French books on Sundials

·         Cadrans Solaires de Bretagne(French)

·         Sundial Books


·         A new analemmatic sundial in Torreon, Mexico

·         Analemmatic Sundial Functions by John Carmichael

·         A Jubilee Sundial for West Somerset

·         Sundial Garden at Michigan State University

·         Two mean-time analemmatic sundials - Yvon Massé

·         Central projection analemmatic sundials - Yvon Massé

·         Analemmatic Sundials How to build one and why they work

·         Thunder Bay, Ontario

·         Dial at The Flandrau Planetarium and Science Center, University of Arizona

·         Of Analemmas, Mean Time, and the Analemmatic Sundial - Fred W. Sawyer III

·         Sunclocks - Human Sundials

·         Analemmatic Sundial, Riverwalk, Augusta, Georgia


·         Sundials in Turkey (Ottoman)

·         Ottoman Sundial at the Missouri Botanical Garden

·         Examen del reloj solar de Ahmad ibn a.s-.Saffar

·         Astrolabe Digital Book Project


·         The Aldbrough Sundial, a Mass Dial in East Yorkshire

·         The Kirkdale Sundial, a Mass Dial in North Yorkshire


·         Manship - 1939 New York World's Fair - Sundial "Time and the Fates of Man"

·         Kiselewsk -1939 New York World's Fair - Giant Sundial "Time"

·         Large Sundial in grass. Pekin Illinois

·         Mount Laguna Observatory Sundial

·         The sundial for Reutte

·         Jaipur Observatory Sundial

·         The Pinawa Heritage Sundial

·         Monumental sundials in the region of "El Bierzo"

·         A unique 48 foot tall sundial in Louisa, VA

·         The Kentucky Vietnam Veteran's Memorial


·         Jamestown Sundial presentation
Fairfax County Times, September 19, 2007

·         Sundial Article at Building by Christopher Daniel

·         The Sundial - the time in light and shadow games (Italian)

·         Kazuo Matsubayashi's Asteroid Landed Softly Sundial

·         The Chronoscope A sundial that works without sun

·         Explore the Sundial and Astronomical Interests of Reinhold Kriegler (German)

·         Science & Society Picture Library Sundials

·         Garden Sundial at Wentworth Castle

·         Cupola with sundials - [dial detail] at Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge

·         Robert Adzema's sundial at the Hyatt in Jersey City

·         A sundial telling Cornish time in Perranzabuloe

·         Derbyshire Sundials

·         A Few Sundials - Bill Thayer

·         Gnomonica di Nicola Severino

·         Tony Moss' "Multi Dial"

·         Cadrans solaires (French)

·         A novel sundial with double indicator

·         Restoration of the analemmatic sundial at Besançon

·         Magnetic Declination

·         Sun-dial king revels in lighter side The Manchester News

·         A page from Le Gnomoniste , Vol 9 No 3

·         The Longyearbyen Sundial (Slow load - be patient)

·         Sundials At New College, Oxford

·         Sundials at Wadham College, Oxford

·         University of Sydney Museum Sundials and Other Time Pieces

·         Sundials - The New Zealand Garden Journal

·         Sundial at the ancestral home of George Washington [More]

·         Carpe Diem El mundo de los Relojes de Sol en una pãgina(Spanish)

·         Me and My Shadow Making the Sun-Earth Connection

·         Introduction to sundials (German)

·         Sundial Page - David M.F. Chapman

·         Sundials- Brooke Clarke - many links

·         The Homepage of Mario Arnaldi

·         A series of sundial pages by K.P. Cheung (Hong Kong)

·         Convert geographical co-ordinates: - decimal to d,m,s; and vise-versa

·         Sundials National Institute of Standards and Technology

·         Sundial -

·         Sundial Information

·         What is a sundial?

·         Sundial Mottos - Wikipedia

·         Sundial Mottos - Sundials on the Internet

·         Gnomonics Riccardo Anselmi (Italian, English)

·         Solis et Artis OpusMario Arnaldi (Italian)

·         Gnomonica Rosa Casanova (Italian)

·         Quadrandi SolariDiego Bonata (Italian)

·         Page personnelle de Gérard Baillet(French)

·         Mario Arnaldi (Italian)

·         Gnomonique par Yvon Massé(French)

·         Gruppo Astrofili Piceni: Orologi Solari(Italian)


·         Truman State University's Solar Clock Garden (or horologium florae, or floral sundial)

·         The Earth &Sky Equatorial Sundial by John Carmichael

·         Richard Schmoyer's Lyre/Tuning Fork Dial

·         The Schmoyer "Sunquest" - an elegant dial that reads Standard Time

·         The Schmoyer "Sunquest" revisited

·         Sun Cannon - tvidaberg Sweden

·         Keppel Henge

·         The Portland Oregon Union Station (not really a) sundial

·         Perranzabuloe Millenium Sundial - Cornwall

·         Precision sundial in Tholey (German)

·         The Lyman Briggs Standard Time Sundial

·         Equatorial dial at New Mexico State University

·         The Amble Dial - (England)

·         Sundial at the University of Hawaii

·         A giant sundial in Cornwall (Proposed)

·         The beautiful dolphin dial at the Greenwich Maritime Museum

·         Lumbutts Sundial - West Yorkshire

·         A bifilar dial in Barcelona (Spanish)

·         Sundial at the public observatory in Mainz, Germany

·         Sundial on the Atelier Acacia in Mont-Dauphin (Haute Alpes, France)

·         Large horizontal dial at Binghamton University, New York

·         Armillary sphere at Penn State

·         Horizontal dial at the University of Kentucky

·         "The Cycle of Life" an armillary sphere by Paul Manship

·         Armillary dial at Heritage Plantation, Sandwich MA

·         Equatorial dial at the University of Nevada, Reno

·         Sundial at the former Québec Astronomical Observatory (2 Photos)

·         Sundial at the Dows Planetarium in Montreal

·         Sundial on Terrasse of the Québec Parliament

·         Vertical dial at the Séminaire de Québec

·         Dial by Thomas Tompion, at Hampton Court Palace in London

·         Polyhedral dial - Stropshire England

·         Equatorial dial at New Mexico State University

·         Polyhedral dial on the Isle of Man

·         Polyhedra dial at Glamis Castle see also: Scottish Sundials Link 1 Link 2

·         Vertical Declining Dial, Paris

·         Eastern Michigan University A Dial Rededication

·         "Child Sundial" at the Missouri Botanical Garden

·         An original Russell Porter Sun Clock

·         The Richard D. Swensen sundial at the University of Wisconsin

·         Church sundial, Jausiers

·         Vertical dials at Palladio's Villa Barbaro at Maser, Italy

·         Sundial at the Justice Center, Hunterdon County NJ

·         Queens' College Dial

·         Sundial in front of the planetarium in Berlin (German)

·         Sundial at Fort Oranje, St.Eustatius, Dutch Caribbean

·         Sundial at the University of Limerick

·         A sundial at Kochi Castle, Japan

·         Univ. of Georgia Class of 1908 Tony Moss makes another remarkable dial.

·         A house that's a sundial USA Today

·         A Mirror Sundial in Bremen


·         Austria - Karl Schwarzinger

·         China sundials

·         Sundial in the Forbidden City, Beijing

·         British Sundialists visit White Rock, Vancouver

·         London-Footprints Sundials

·         Czech Republic and Slovakia

·         Prague Sundial Trail

·         Proposed Sundial for Reykjavik, Iceland

·         Sundials in Ireland

·         Sundials in Ireland - M.J. Harley

·         A sundial at Knowth, Ireland

·         Ireland

·         Ancient Sundials of Ireland

·         Cadrans Solaires en Alsace

·         Cadrans Solaires de Paris (2)

·         The Abbey of Mont Saint-Michel as a sundial? (French)

·         Sundials in Touraine and elsewhere - François Pineau

·         Cadrans - Solaires France

·         Cadrans Solaires de Paris(French)

·         L'Obélisque de la Concorde(French)

·         Zonnewijzers, schaduw van de tijd  (Dutch) Wiley Leender -Sundials of Flanders

·         Sonnenuhren in Trier (German)

·         Sonnehurenfreunde der Region Basel

·         A new sundial in Bremen (German)

·         Bremen - (German)

·         Sonnenuhr (German)

·         Germany sundials & other astronomical clocks - Peter Lindner

·         Sundials in Nürnburg

·         Sundials in Berlin and around

·         Berlin, Germany

·         Germany (German/English)

·         Sonnenuhren - Daniel Roth (German)

·         Some sundials in Rome

·         Sundials in Italian Schools (Italian)

·         Orologio Solare Equatoriale - Pisa (English

·         Imago Romae Horologium- The sundials of Grottaferrata, Rome

·         Cuadrantes Solares De Yucatán, México

·         The Netherlands

·         The Amsterdam Sundial Trail

·         Sundials of Limburg - a province of Flanders (in Dutch – Willey Leenders- click around)

·         Gnomonica cadrans solaires de Belgique

·         Murcia - Spain (in Spanish)

·         Barcelona (in Spanish)

·         Sundials of Spain – Gallery of photos by Dharani Oczki

·         Sundials in Edinburgh Scotland (in Japanese)

·         Scottish Sundials

·         Saracinesco, the town of sundials

·         U.S.Long Island City Sundial proposed sundial project

·         U.S.Sundial Building - New Bedford, MA

·         U.S.Turner Farm Park home of the Analemma Society

·         U.S. Redding CA Santiago Calatrava’s Turtle Bay Bridge

·         A Virtual Tour

·         Opening Day and more links


·         The Kellogg's Raisin Bran Sundial

·         McDonald's makes a McSundial

·         Sundial on a computer chip

·         Pilkington Gibbs Sol Horometer

·         Make a sundial and compass from your fingers

·         There used to be a sundial here...

·         62Bricks - A world of LEGO Sundials

·         Equatorial LEGO sundial

·         Use the wisdom of the sun to aim a satellite dish.

·         7 Sundials +1 at the Robert Doisneau lycée in Vaulx-en-Velin


·         Orologi Solari with software program Download (English)

·         Computer aided dialling (CAD) links from Carl Sabanski

·         Illustrating Shadows

·         Precision Sundials LLC Software and Other Downloads

·         zw2000 - very popular with lots of information and easy to use Fer J. de Vries

·         Sonnenuhren Free software by Helmut Sonderegger

·         SunWatch3D

·         Shadows Pro Sundial and Astrolabe Software

·         Welcome to the Sundial Calculator.

·         SUN An Excel spreadsheet calculating important information for dialists.

·         A sundial generator from The Czech Republic and Slovakia

·         AstroCalculator - includes sundial calculations

·         Calculate and Chart the Analemma from Walter Sanford

·         Almanac of Solstices, Equinoxes and Cross Quarter - 2011

·         Azimut und Elevation der Sonne

·         Virtual Sundial based on the Queens' College dial, Cambridge, UK.

·         Sun Position Calculator

·         Jürgen Giesen's GeoAstro Java Applets

·         Solar data JavaScript calculator

·         Earth and Moon Viewer – amazing software views of our planet

·         NOAA - Refraction and Other Formulas

·         NOAA - Solar Position Calculator

·         NOAA - Solar Calculator Links

·         USNO - Calculation of Sidereal Time

·         USNO - Sun Moon Rise-Set Table

·         USNO - Sun Moon Altitude-Azimuth Table

·         USNO - Multiyear Interactive Computer Almanac - MICA

·         USNO - Naval Observatory Astronmetry Software - NOVAS

·         Great Circle Studio - Many options

·         Sun in the Sky a Study in Photovoltaics

·         Sun Earth Tools for solar panels

·         Tools and Resources for Sun Calculations and Observations

·         Convert from deg/min/sec to decimal degrees and vise-versa

·         Solar Position Radiation and Climate Data from Build It Solar


·         Galai Collectibles

·         Tesseract

·         Pictures of sundials & astronomical clocks - Peter Lindner (German/English)

·         Reviews of Universal Ring Dials being offered for sale


·         Digital Sundials International and how it works: Digital Sundial Patent

·         Sundials Australia

·         A Stonehenge watch

·         Glass and Window Sundials (German)

·         Aleksandr Boldyrev Sundials (Russian)

·         Zegary Sloneczne (Polish Artisans)

·         See the NASS webpage NASS Sundial Artisans