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Sundial 428
State/Province:  California Country:  USA
Dial Type:  Vertical Obelisk Condition:  Excellent
Latitude:   38° 24' N Longitude:   122° 49' W
  • Analy High School campus, 6950 Analy Avenue. Dial located southeast of the main building, between it and the library.
  • This is a vertical obelisk 3 foot on a side and 9 foot tall. It is more of a sun calendar than a sundial. The tip of the obelisk's shadow is tracked by marks on a concrete pad on the ground. The summer and winter solstices and equinoxes are indicated by tiles set in the pad.
General Information:
  • Owner: Analy High School Community
  • Designer: David Casey and Tony Sheets
  • Builder: Analy High School Geometry Class
  • Construction Date: Spring, 2000