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Sundial: 26
State/Province:  Ohio Country:  USA
Dial Type:  Equatorial Condition:  Operable
  Latitude:   39° 06' N Longitude: 84° 30' W
  • University of Cincinnati Engineering Quadrangle
  • The sun-clock was based on an illustration that appeared in Scientific American, with dimensions and shape of analemma calculated from data found in an almanac.

    An equatorial ring, with inside dimension of 16' and engraved with an hour circle, is fastened orthogonally to a meridional ring and the assembly is rotated on a polar axis until a lens focuses the image of the sun on the analemma line. Knowing the season, the month and approximate day can be read from the analemma scale and standard time to the nearest minute. from the hour circle. Dial is operable, but bearings are in need of repair. A duplicate of the 1986 sun-clock is believed to be located on the former Kroger estate in suburban Cincinnati. The dial sits atop a brick platform with capstone
General Information:Inscription:
  • Owner: University of Cincinnati
  • There is time for those who pass. Presented by the Class of 1955
  • Designer: Ronald E. Rosensweig
  • Builder:
  • Construction Date: 1955, Restored 1970 & 1986
  • Cooperative Engineer, Oct 1956, article by R. E. Rosensweig, Cincinnati Alumnus, October 1970, 'Return of the Sun Clock' 'A Timely Return -- How the UC's Sun-Clock Got Back on its Pedestal in The First Cooperative College, A History of the