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Sundial 141
State/Province:  Oregon Country:  USA
Dial Type:  Abstract Sculpture Condition:  excellent
Latitude:   45° 17' 53" N Longitude:   117° 48' 50" W
  • 100 feet west of Ascension School's main lodge, near the corner of Church St. and Main St.
  • An unusual sun sculpture 5 foot tall and approximately 20 inches in width and depth. Has hour and minute markings arranged on horizontal members. A 1/4 inch steel rod functions as the gnomon. The dial is set to read Pacific Daylight Solar Time, with a stated accuracy of 15 seconds of time.
General Information:Inscription:
  • Owner: Episcopal Diocese of East Oregon
  • Inscribed, "For all who have Come this way before, For all who need Time to grow And space to be."
  • Designer: Tim Burton
  • Builder: Tim Burton and Brian Stovall
  • Construction Date: Aug-80