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Some sundials go missing, others are blown up with dynamite or destroyed by vandals.  Fortunately some of these dials are recovered and restored

nass_news_2012_july_moore_sundialUpdate: On Saturday July 22nd, less than two weeks after the Henry Moore sundial was stolen, it was recovered by detectives after receiving tips from the British Crimewatch television series.  Three young men, all from Essex, have been arrested on suspicion of two counts of theft and are currently in police custody.

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[photo credit: Steve Bisson -
Savannah Morning News ]

Lesley Conn reports in the Savannah Morning News the restoration of its vandalized sundial.  This is no college prank, but a malicious and repetitive attack on the Louis B. Toomer sundial in Chatham Square in the historic district of Savannah, Georgia. Conn reports that “City officials are adding new elements to the repair process – a public plea for help and a reminder to the monument marauder that destruction of public property is a felony. They made their case Tuesday after sealing a new sundial to the stone base.”

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[photo courtesy of John Carmichael]

The restored Sun City dial re-dedication ceremony held October 7th, 2011 was a huge success.  The sundial originally schedule for demolition is proudly located at The Sundial Recreation Center located at 14801N. 103rd Avenue, Sun City, AZ 85351.

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[photo credit: Andrew Bray - The Miami Sudent News]

Some dials are lost, others found.  Last year students walking through the central quad of Miami University  located in Oxford, Ohio, saw that the Tri Delta Sundial, a nearly 2 meter armillary dial, was missing.  The armillary was a gift to the university on its 50th anniversary in 1962 by the Miami chapter of Tri Delta. [See the NASS Registry for details]

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nass_news_2011_sep_suncityThe monumental sundial in Sun City Arizona has been saved! The famous dial has been totally restored to its former glory, perhaps even better than the original. On Friday, October 7, 2011 a formal re-dedication ceremony will begin at 8:30 am.

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nass_news_2011_aug_avington_1A nearly three-century old brass sundial was stolen in the early overnight hours of August 9 from the grounds of Avington Park in Itchen Abbas, near Winchester (England).  Local officials say the dial is large enough it would have required several people to move it.  The dial is valued at over £100,000 and is very distinctive.

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 617_mi_annarbor_umeng_1aIf you look in the NASS Sundial Registry at Dial #617 from Ann Arbor Michigan you will see a lovely equatorial sundial on the grounds of the University of Michigan North Campus near the College of Engineering buildings.  The dial exists only as a photo and a memory.  Last April between the 13th and 15th it was stolen according to the Detroit Free Press.

The bronze equatorial dial has a circular nodus on the polar gnomon arrow to mark the seasons on the broad equatorial band. 

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The Recreation Center Sun City (RCSC) Board of Directors has decided to repair the sundial monument at the corner of 103rd Avenue and Boswell Boulevard [in Sun City, Arizona].

nass_news_2011_march_suncitydialrestored2At this time, it is impossible to know an exact repair cost until further inspection can be made below the surface. We do know that the three steel supports at the foundation must be repaired to restore the steel supports’ structural capacity to ensure further deterioration does not occur.

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