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Crehore Dial at Johns Hopkins University, MD


and now another video from Channel 13 News:

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In The Forecaster, the digital paper of Portland, Maine, Collin Ellis describes the mystery around a missing sundial made more than a century ago.  Albert Crehore from Yonkers, NY developed an entire theory of sundials ... all on his own, relates Fred Sawyer, president of NASS, and he received US Patent 794,787 in 1905 for the design. Three known dials are in the NASS website Registry: #327 Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland; #445 Bucknell University, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania; and #681 Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio.  A fourth dial, now owned by Derek Boston (of the UK) was originally made for Sir William Preece and his estate in Carnarvon, Wales.  According to records, at least two other dials were installed in Yonkers, New York,Northwest University in Evanston, Illinois and in Portland, Maine.

It is this last one that Samantha Duckworth is trying to find somewhere in the greater Portland area in time for the North American Sundial Society conference to be held there June 23-26, 2016.  Collin Ellis in The Forecaster writes, "Duckworth, who began the search last August, said she started by speaking with garden societies in the area.  Then they began searching the library's collection and historical records for any mention of the dial.  Then she moved to the Main Historical Society.  Then to real estate agents who may have seen it in a private home.  Then to antique appraisers.... But so far, no luck." "Talking to people and trying to ferret out these things, that maybe the owner of a home looks at every morning is really cool work,"  Duckworth said.

Has anyone seen this dial? Read more at:

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