Mark and Clare Hoggart have three daughters, all of whom attended and graduated from the Joseph Rowntree school in the UK.  Now, in appreciation, the Hoggarts have donated an analemmatic sundial to the school, saying, “It’s just a thank-you for getting the girls through their education. They have all got on really well and have blossomed into lovely young ladies. We want to thank them for the effort they have shown them as individuals.” The sundial has been installed outside the science block.

The Hoggarts, who own an ornamental gardenware company, have already received orders from others who are interested in a similar installation. See the NASS website on dial construction for further plans to build an analemmatic sundial.

NASS and the Analemma Society, inspired by the success of the 2010 USA Science and Engineering Festival, are registering for the Festival on the Washington D.C. Mall.  The event, supported by volunteers from both NASS and the Analemma Society is scheduled for the Spring of 2012.

NASS and the Analemma Society will have a booth to teach families and children how to make sundials and read sundial time with the theme: Sundials, the Worlds Oldest Clocks.

We expect the return of many of the sundialist volunteers that supported the 2010 Festival.  For the coming year, we expect to improve our educational goals beyond the popular “Great Sundial Cutout.”  What else is in store?  Stay tuned as we formulate our educational material.  Have and idea?  Please send an email toRobert Kellogg

For more information on all Festival events and how you can get involved, visit