Carl Sabanski is a sundial enthusiast who has made paper cut-out sundial kits that can be tailored to your latitude in either the Northern or Southern hemisphere. He presents a wide variety of sundials, all of which will tell accurate local solar time. His dials come in many types: Equatorial, Equatorial Ring, and Gnomon-less Equatorial Sundials, Horizontal Sundials, Polar and Cycloid Polar Sundials, Cross and Star Sundials, Analemmatic Sundials, a fantastic sundial made from a CD disk and a Digital Equatorial Sundial based on the patent of Thew. There are Ring Dials, a Globe Dial based on the dial of Thomas Jefferson, and much, much moret source simulated the sun.

Each of these sundials is illustrated with a 3-dimensional drawings  to show assemblyh and use.  PDF files at his site present the detailed sundial design that can be cut or folded specifically for your latitude.

Pick up your sundial at: