What can 62 LEGO bricks build?  An equatorial sundial.  A recent dial building project demonstrates a very nice looking sundial dial built from regular LEGO elements.  The design is a classic equatorial sundial using a central north-pointing rod gnomon with shadow cast only hourly segments tilted at 15 degree increments.  The base swivels such that it can be adjusted for any latitude.

The building blocks use 1xN plates placed side by side on the underside of a 1x4x5 arch, creating the hourly progression of 15 degree tilted tiles.  In the design shown, two blue plates in the center bracket the noon mark.  Outer blue plates indicate 6am and 6pm. All you need to do is paste on the hour numerals. 


It appears that a number of different sundials can be created using LEGO tiles.  A comment on the shown design is that "after some experimenting, I think the base needs to be extended by two stud lengths.  The center of gravity shifts a little too far when the dial is adjusted for lower latitudes. It still stands, but is tippy."

In fact, there is a whole world of LEGO sundials. Check out http://62bricks.com/category/sundials where you'll find more equatorial sundials, a vertical east-west sundial, and a polar dial. It's amazing what you can do with LEGOS