Finished_Dial_Set_40Tony Moss of the British Sundial Society has designed a paper cut-out dial that combines a horizontal dial, a vertical dial, and a polar dial all into a nice assembly made from 4 print-outs and gluing together cereal box cardboard. This unique instrument introduces you to the shadow relationships of these fundamental typesof sundials. A challenging but rewarding design.

Dial layout and detailed instructions are provided for three latitude zones: 30-40°, 40-50°, and 50-60° covering areas from the southern USA to Alaska, Canada, UK, Europe, Russia, China, Korea, and Japan.

Download this file ([Latitude 30-40 multi-dial cut-out]4521 kB
Download this file ([Latitude 40-50 multi-dial cut-out]4715 kB
Download this file ([Latitude 50-60 multi-dial cut-out]5834 kB