Sundial: 945
State/Province:  Oklahoma Country:  USA
Dial Type:  Vertical Dial Condition:  Excellent
  Latitude and Longitude: 36° 7.409' N  97° 4.284' W
  • Oklahoma State University off North Monroe St in center of campus. The glass dial is high up on the south side of the Henry Bellmon Research Center.
  • This modern etched glass sundial faces nearly due south (declining only 48' East of South) with hour lines from 6am to 6pm marked in Roman numerals. The dial is a large 5 x 9 feet and held extended from the windows behind. The gnomon is a simple brass rod without nodus. No solstice lines or other embellishments mark the clean look of the dial face, making it easier to read from street level 3 stories below. The dial can also be read from inside the building.

    Designer Jim Tallman reports that the sundial was an interesting challenge to remotely determine the exact direction of the curtain wall on the building as the sundial was to be mounted three stories above the street. It was necessary to make subtle adjustments to the sundial calculations, layout and gnomon configuration, and installation details so that no shimming would be required and so that the glass dial panel would visually match the strong vertical and horizontal lines of the structural members in the curtain wall behind the dial.

    At street level is a plaque indicating both longitude correction and the equation of time.
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  • Owner: Oklahoma State University
  • The Henry Bellmon Research Center Sundial
    Alter Pars Otio, Pars Ista Labori. (Devote this hour to work, another to leisure)

    The glass sundial is designed to indicate true local solar time...use the chart below to find the correction for today's date and add the minutes to ...arrive at central time.
  • Designer: Jim Tallman - Artisan Industrials
  • Builder: Advantage Glass and Rees Assoc.
  • Construction Date: 2011
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