nass news jun 2024 getty solstice Off Interstate 405 in the hills of Los Angeles is the Getty Research Institute, part of the campus of The Getty Center. The Center houses the free Getty Museum, the Getty Library, Getty Research Institute, Getty Foundation, and Getty Conservation Institute. The Getty Research Institute opened its doors to the public in December of 1997, where besides the thousands of books, art collections, and photos, architect Richard Meier designed a wonderful solar alignment. In the center of the circular building is large, round,  glass-framed oculus that acts as a skylight for the library gallery floor beneath. But the oculus skylight is not centered on the vertical. Instead, the glass framework is angled to accommodate the institute's latitude of 34.077° North. Some simple map shows that the oculus framework needed be angled 10.637° south from the vertical. At this angle at local solar noon on the day of the solstice, the oculus casts a circular shadow centered on the library's marble floor beneath.  Photo from Getty Research Institute, Creative Commons.

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