nass news 2024 mar solar corona prediction for 8 Apr 2024There are lots of maps showing where to go for the April 8th 2024 total solar eclipse and others showing the statistical chance of clouds such as  From Little Rock Arkansas to the Mazatlan coast there is a high probability of clear weather.  The cities from Indianapolis through Cleveland OH, Rochester and Syracuse NY and Burlington VT have a good chance of cloud cover.  Fortunately such websites as Time and Date will live-stream the eclipse with totality beginning 12:38pm EDT  and on YouTube Through the Eyes of NASA - Official Broadcast at

But what will you see during totality when you can take off your solar protective glasses? Predictive Sciences Inc, funded by NASA and the National Science Foundation (NSF) have created a " Data-Assimilative, Continuously Running Prediction Model Updated in Near Real Time" showing what the solar corona may look like during totality.  The prediction is based on the current state of sunspots, solar flares, corona mass ejections, and the sun's magnetic field.See it at:

The  corona is expected to be much more active and extensive than the total eclipse that crossed the United States in August 2017 as the sun isnow approaching sunspot maximum