What do you do when your state's college Capitol Campus in Olympia, WA has a beautiful sundial designed by John Elliot, but a wimpy gnomon?  The dial has been subject to a poorly designed and vandalized gnomon since it was installed in 1958.  Now the Washington State Department of Enterprise Services "invites student designers to create a design for a functional, accurate, and aesthetic gnomon for the state's Capitol Campus sundial."  To be eligible for the design contest, students must be enrolled in a Washington State community or technical college. The contest encourages student teams and an honorarium of $1000 will be awarded for the winning design.

The gnomon must be made for the sundial latitude of 47 degrees, with a maximum base length of 39.5 inches (1003 mm) to fit the 6 foot diameter circular sundial with center offset gnomon . "Practical concerns such as strength, resistance to vandalism, ease of maintenance, cost, and method of attachment will also be important aspects of a winning design."  Esthetics of gnomon style, artistry, and content that blend with the sundial and capitol campus environment are important criteria.

Entries are due by February 24, 2017 and the winning design will be announced March 10, 2017.  Read more at : http://des.wa.gov/services/facilities-leasing/capitol-campus/memorials-and-artwork/territorial-sundial/sundial-gnomon-design-contest