nass news 2023 jun Point of InfinityJulie Baumgardner in The Art Newspaper of Jan 13, 2023 reports on the construction project of Point of Infinity, a nearly 70 foot (21m) hyperbolic cone will reach toward the sky as part of a 50 million dollar park development on Treasure Island and Yerba Buena Island.

In a competition held by the San Francisco Arts Commision on behalf of the Treasure Island Development Authority, Hiroshi Sugimoto's design won over 500 other submissions with a hyperbolic cone stretching upwards into a needle. "Point of Infinity is not an arbitrary title—the work is based on the mathematical formula for infinity. According to the artist's project proposal, the starting point was not to ‘make’ a sculptural shape but to ask myself what should be ‘given’ to this very specific place'. [Hiroshi] set out to explore the limits of human memory and invention, conceiving 'a hyperbolic curve that would suggest both infinity and eternity: two converging curved lines, getting closer and closer but never meeting."

The sculpture also serves as a meridian seasonal marker, "[evoking] the Tower of the Sun, the centrepiece of the 1939 World's Fair in San Francisco, for which Treasure Island was originally constructed. A large stone will be etched with the position of the sun’s shadow on the vernal and autumnal equinoxes at noon. 'The creation of the pyramids is shrouded in mystery. By contrast, this tower will act as a symbol expressing humanity’s yearning for the infinite even 50 centuries in the future,' the artist writes. "

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