The Battle Point Astronomical Association, founded in 1992, provides astronomical observing for science education and public enjoyment at Ritchie Observatory and Planetarium in Battle Point Park on Bainbridge Island, Washington.

The Association is designing a large equatorial sundial to excite curiosity and demonstrate the basic concepts of time and the motion of the earth.  A model of the sundial shows that it will be not only an accurate timepiece using an analemma shaped gnomon to tell civil time, but also will be a beautiful sculpture. “There currently is nothing like it on Bainbridge Island,” claims the Association.

The group has raised \(13,000 towards the project's estimated cost of \)30,000.  "Our community has a strong sense of stewardship of the public good. When you support the sundial, you’ll help create a significant and meaningful work of public art that will bring beauty as well as an appreciation of time and the day sky to the everyday life of our community.”  With your help the sundial will be installed in the Spring of 2014. Contributions for the sundial can be made at: BPAA Sundial Contribution at Indiegogo

In the video Professor Woody Sullivan, "Mr. Sundial", explains the enthusiasm for sundials in the Pacific Northwest and the goal to make Seattle the sundial capital of North America.  Contribute to the Battle Point Park Sundial and get a personal tour of the Seattle Sundial Trail from Professor Sullivan.

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