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Sundials from Egypt, Greece, Roman and beyond contribute to the rich heritage and history of gnomonics and dialing

Important sundials that mark historic events in dialing or in the cultures where they were formed

Ancient stone alignments and shadows

Here we showcase various natural and scientific phenomena related to the sun and solar alignments, and the quest for measuring time and longitude.

Some sundials go missing, others are blown up with dynamite or destroyed by vandals.  Fortunately some of these dials are recovered and restored

Sundials of significant interest either because of artisan, design, history, or placement.  An unusal set of dials that should stir anyone's interest

Sundials are used as memorials to signify light and hope.  Some are in cemetaries and small parks, others are at scenic vistas, and others are integrated into the fabric of our cities and towns.  All are important and lasting symbols.

When spacecraft go to Mars and beyond, sometimes they carry a sundial.  The story of two worlds - one sun.

Have you ever seen a digital sundial?  There are a number of different types.  Some use fiber optic cables to route sunlight into numbers, others use holes in panels to create "Poem for a Day".  Some have drilled holes in blocks and others create digital sundials using layers of slits and masks.

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