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Sundial: 779
State/Province:  Ontario Country:  Canada
Dial Type:  Noon Mark or Meridian Dial Condition:  Excellent
  Latitude and Longitude: 42° 19.240' N  83° 1.580' W
  • Bert Weeks Memorial Gardens
    South bank of Detroit River
    Riverside Drive East and Parent
  • A 12 foot high noon mark dial consisting of two closely spaced triangular vertical plates, a protruding needle and pairs of summer and winter solstice "wings" that together project a shadow onto the surrounding concrete deck within a 40 foot diameter reflecting pool.

    When the sun totally illuminates the narrow space between the vertical plates, it is local noon and the shadow cast by the protruding needle points true north. On the summer solstice, the shadow cast by the smaller, upper solstice wings will be at its narrowest width. On the winter solstice, the shadow cast by the lower solstice wings will be at its narrowest width.
General Information:
  • Owner: City of Windsor
  • Designer: Michele R. Di Malo
  • Builder: Bear Construction Company, Windsor

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