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New Haven  

Sundial: 30
State/Province:  Connecticut Country:  USA
Dial Type:  Vertical Dial Condition:  Good
  Latitude and Longitude: 41° 18.681' N  72° 55.597' W
  • Yale University, on the wall of Selin Courtyard in Sterling Memorial Library. Find the courtyard by taking a right at the circulation desk if coming through the main entrance on High Street (the door will be on your right), or enter through the Wall Street entrance, walk down the corridor, and go through the door on your left.
  • Vertical dial on Sterling Library. Rectangular stone with hour lines and Arabic numbers. Gnomon is a plain rod emanating from a sunburst. Stonework shows it to be built into the wall of the library.
General Information:
  • Owner: Yale University
  • Designer:
  • Builder:
  • Construction Date: 1930
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