Sundial: 826
State/Province:  Indiana Country:  USA
Dial Type:  Equatorial Dial Condition:  Excellent
  Latitude and Longitude: 40° 27.521' N  86° 7.819' W
  • On the campus of Indiana University at Kokomo, on the east side of the Observatory off Rebecca Street.
  • This is a hammered wrought iron equatorial sundial approximately 30 inches in diameter with a 6 inch equatorial band. The gnomon is a thin rod bracketed by an iron slit that is manually rotated to allow a bright beam of light to surround the shadow time-telling mark. The dial is designed to show local solar time, and requires the Equation of Time to correct for the tilted earth’s rotation axis and its eccentric orbit around the sun.

    Dr. Doug Eglen, a hobbyist blacksmith, gave the sundial to IU Kokomo after meeting with Patrick Motl, associate professor of physics and director of the campus Observatory. “By this gift, I would like to engender a sense of awe in our universe and promote further study on how to learn about it,” Eglen said. “I hope the students look at it not just as an old, antiquated thing that gathers dust. It’s an idea to challenge them about the stars, the universe, our place in the universe, and progress."

    “The new sundial can be used to both understand and demonstrate these effects for students, and with a little prodding, everyone can be reminded of the way our planet’s motions dictate time for us,” Motl said. “Dr. Eglen’s sundial is a nice device to illustrate and connect these motions.”
General Information:
  • Owner: Indiana University at Kokomo
  • Designer: Dr. Doug Eglen
  • Builder: Dr. Doug Eglen
  • Construction Date: Installed July 12, 2016
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