Bloomfield Hills  

Sundial: 770
State/Province:  Michigan Country:  USA
Dial Type:  Equatorial Dial Condition:  Good
  Latitude and Longitude: 42° 34.210' N  83° 14.590' W
  • Cranbrook Educational Community
    Institute of Science
    Near the Science Museum
    39221 Woodward Avenue
    Bloomfield Hills
  • An equatorial dial of cast bronze. The heavily patinated dial has Roman hour numerals IIII through VIII and a cast bronze pointer marked, "DAYLIGHT SAVING." It has an unusual crescent shaped arm with notch at the upper end. The arm is rotated until sunlight passes through a hole in the upper arm and strikes an analemma with monthly dates on the lower inner curve of the crescent. Time is then read on a circular dial from an "hour hand" pointer extending from the base of the crescent. The dial sits atop a marble pedestal engraved: "The A.N. Goddard Sundial"

    The dial was originally located at 12364 Burt Road home of Goddard & Goddard Company, also known as “Go & Go Co”. The building was erected in 1925 and the dial followed 4 years after. The company was a tool and dye company, but most notably produced milling cutters.
General Information:Inscription:
  • Owner: Cranbrook Institute of Science
  • Engraved on the dial:
    LAT. 42° 20 LONG. 82° ?
    (The longitude is encrusted with heavy patina after the number 82. There is space for the minute mark, but it is unreadable.)
  • Designer: Victor E. Edwards
  • Builder: Goddard & Goddard Company
  • Construction Date: 1929
  • Other similar dials by Victor E. Edwards are registered in Santa Barbara, California (Dial 232) and Worcester, Massachusetts (Dial 312).

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