Sundial: 757
State/Province:  Connecticut Country:  USA
Dial Type:  Armillary Sphere Condition:  Excellent
  Latitude and Longitude: 41° 32.925' N  73° 4.355' W
  • Naugatuck Valley Community College
    Front of campus between Poet's Circle entrance walkway and water spillway
    750 Chase Parkway
  • A 24 inch diameter armillary with meridian, horizon, equatorial, tropic, Arctic and Antarctic rings. Equatorial ring is engraved with Roman hour numerals. The dial is supported on a narrow 4 foot tall granite pedestal.

    The pedestal includes a plaque with an EOT graph and is inscribed to indicate the dial is the Class Gift of 2010.
General Information:Inscription:
  • Owner: Naugatuck Valley Community College
  • Lord, teach us to number our days rightly, and to apply our hearts unto wisdom--Psalm XC
  • Designer: John Close
  • Builder: John Close
  • Construction Date: 11-Aug

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