Sundial: 939
State/Province:  Arizona Country:  USA
Dial Type:  Horizontal Dial Condition:  Excellent
  Latitude and Longitude: 33° 40.618' N  112° 16.204' W
  • Sundial is in Camino a Lago Park, located next to Sunset Heights Elementary school on 98th Avenue, just north of Lake Pleasant road. Address: 21111 N 98th Ave, Peoria, AZ 85382
  • This wonderful sculpture of a hummingbird serves as the gnomon for an 18 foot diameter horizontal sundial. The sundial sculpture was inspired by the beauty of the hummingbird with many species of them living and thriving in Arizona. The gnomon stands 7-feet tall with intricate aluminum frets welded together to give both depth and warmth to the hummingbird. Surrounding the gnomon are 150,000 Vetriluxe one-inch square glass mosaic tiles in bright colors depicting a flower where the bird sucks nectar. Inlaid into the tile work are Arabic hour numbers from 6am to 6pm as well as the cardinal points.
General Information:
  • Owner: City of Peoria
  • Designer: Cecilia Lueza Art Projects
  • Builder: Cecilia Lueza Art Projects
  • Construction Date: Original 2017. Rebuilt and dedicated 2018
  • The original dial was vandalized requiring the artist to refurbished the hummingbird sculpture. The sundial was dedicated in 2018.

Last Revised: 2018-12-29 14:54