Sundial: 934
State/Province:  British Columbia Country:  Canada
Dial Type:  Sculpture/Artwork Condition:  Excellent
  Latitude and Longitude: 49° 8.883' N  122° 46.867' W
  • The sculpture is in Fleetwood Park, 15802 80th Ave. Use the entrance on the south side of 80th Ave at 159th Street, turn into the first parking lot. The sculpture is in the area of the formal garden.
  • The sculpture, titled "Gnomon", is a metal clematis leaf about 9ft tall and 3ft 6in wide at its widest point. It varies from about 1 in at the edge to about 4 in in the middle. The base is marked with cardinal directions and a present map of the neighborhood. There are a series of twelve 9 inch disks arranged around the sculpture set at a radius of 9 ft. The disks are positioned every 30 degrees around the circle, and at the north point, is an additional disk for "12 PST". All components of the sculpture are case iron, set into a graveled area. According to accompanying information,"Gnomon, featured in Fleetwood Park’s perennial garden, is inspired by the notion of a sundial marking time. A gnomon is the central part of a sundial that casts a shadow that marks the passage of time. This artwork tells the story of the passage of time in the growth, change, and appearance of Fleetwood’s historic community landmarks.

    Each disk marks a historic event or landmark in Fleetwood's history:
    1875 Old Yale Road
    1880s Pike Road
    1923 Fleetwood Community Association
    1929 Frost Road
    1930s Fleetwood Park
    1930s Fleetwood Community Hall
    pre-1940 Two EE Farm
    1944 Fleetwood Elementary
    1995 Fleetwood Community Centre
    1999 Surrey Sport & Leisure Complex
    2008 Thomas Fleetwood Sculpture
    2011 Francis Park
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  • Owner: City of Surrey
  • A plaque nearby describes the artwork and its significance. On the web, a pdf file describing the public art is available.
  • Designer: Cheryl Hamilton & Michael Vandermeer
  • Builder: Cheryl Hamilton & Michael Vandermeer
  • Construction Date: Unveiled 2013
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  • "The City of Surrey acknowledges the generous
    support of Anthem Properties and contributions
    from the Fleetwood Community Association and
    Thompson Foundry to realize this sculpture."

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