Sundial: 919
State/Province:  British Columbia Country:  Canada
Dial Type:  Hours to Sunset Condition:  Excellent
  Latitude and Longitude: 49° 13.283' N  123° 7.117' W
  • The dial is at the Community Garden in the south-west corner of Cambie Park, Vancouver BC. Enter the garden from Ash Crescent just south of West 54th Avenue. The dial is by the opposite fence.
  • This bright and colorful vertical dial declines west, showing "Hours to Sunset" (Italian hours). The dial is held up by two posts on a board 60 x 90 cm (24 x 36 inches). The dial face is decorated in the colours of the rainbow, with a band of color for each hour left to sunset. Quarter hours are marked using thin white lines. The dial was commercially printed on aluminum-plastic laminated material, with a UV protective coating. The gnomon is a repurposed decorative gate hinge. The supporting structure is made from red cedar.
General Information:Inscription:
  • Owner: Cambie Park Community Garden
  • There is always time for friends.
  • Designer: Steve Lelievre
  • Builder: Steve Lelievre
  • Construction Date: 2018

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