Sundial: 905
State/Province:  Pennsylvania Country:  USA
Dial Type:  Horizontal Dial Condition:  Excellent
  Latitude and Longitude: 41° 38.850' N  80° 8.863' W
  • The campus of Allegheny College
    Between Park Ave and N Main St. Enter from Main St. Dial located on path outside Carnegie Hall, just west of the Allegheny Observatory.
  • The sun dial was given to the college in 1909 by the Class of '99 as a memorial on their tenth anniversary. It consists of an elegant bronze dial showing time from 6am-6pm delineated in 15 minute increments. Hours are shown in Roman numerals. The gnomon has the number "99" beneath the style. The dial is mounted on a granite pedestal forty inches in height.

    Historical Note from The_Campus_Mar_9_1921__Vol_39_Num_19:
    "Lest We Forget"
    Dear Editor:
    The sun dial of former days is now lying cast aside in the ravine. For twelve years it served to enhance the beauty of the campus. At present, it is half-buried among the leaves and rubbish in the muddy ravine. It is inconceivable that any person familiar with its history could have removed it from its place of prestige. It is no less unthinkable that it has been allowed to remain there in the mud so long. Nevertheless, it is regrettable that such is the case. This relic of more primitive days was presented in 1909 by the class of 1899. It was originally placed on the site which is now occupied by Carnegie Hall of Chemistry. When excavations for this building were begun, it was removed to the spot on which it remained until recently. The dial is a very attractive one, and has been the pride of many students. The dial itself is made of bronze. It bears the year of the class and the following "Tenth Anniversary." "Be about your business." It is mounted on a very artistic base of marble which is about a foot and a half in diameter. A picture of it was put in the college bulletin, a copy of which is mailed to all prospective students. Should a prospective Alleghenian see it where it now lies, his opinion of old Allegheny might be lowered considerably. Is it fair, then, to Alleghey's future, to ourselves, or to the class of '99 that the dial remain in its present state of neglect?
    Yours for comment, A STUDENT OF '24.

    Historical Note from The_Campus_May_18_1921__Vol_39_Num_27
    Sun Dial Finally Restored to Base After Six Months in Ravine
    After lying at the bottom of the ravine for the last six months the Class of '99 sun dial has been restored to its original base along the walk to the Carnegie Hall of Chemistry. The work was completed last week... [The gnomon] which casts the shadow was broken off when the sun dial was rolled down the hill but is being replaced...
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  • Owner: Alleghney College
  • "Be about your business"

    Presented by the Class of 1899 - Tenth Anniversary
  • Designer:
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  • Construction Date: 1909
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