Los Rios Santo Domingo  

Sundial: 903
State/Province:  Distrito Nacional Country:  Dominican Republic
Dial Type:  Compound Dial Condition:  Excellent
  Latitude and Longitude: 18° 29.283' N  69° 57.900' W
  • Intersection Cenovi St. and Via St. (Near INTEC)
  • This highly decorated monument sundial is composed of three sundials (Horizontal, Polar and Equatorial) with a common gnomon. All of the dials are built mainly of limestone. The large polar dial (wings), small horizontal dial (tail) and gnomon (body) recreate a “hummingbird”, the universal symbol for diabetes. (The hospital specializing in diabetes is only 500m away). The dials are delineated in half hours and have a variety of graphics on all three dials. In the same location, albeit separated there is another equatorial clock that is five times smaller and has a custom gnomon in the shape of the "little hummingbird”; this sundial is mounted on top of a column and has been adjusted to the local solar time. Nearby is a plaque with the equation of time.

    Look closely at the polar dial. It is covered with 51 lettered blue dots and some double bonds: it is the insulin molecule made up of two chains linked by 3 (S) covalent bonds. On the western end of the polar dial is CHNOS, the chemical components of insulin, followed by the names N. Paulescus, F. Banting, C. Best, B. Collip and reluctant professor J. Macleod, discoverers of insulin in 1921. And if you look to the support of the equatorial dial you will find several initials and dates: AAD 1945 (founding of Asociacion Americana de la Diabetes); FID 1984 (Federacio Internacional de la Diabetes adopts hummingbird symbol); ONU 2006 (United Nations adopts blue circle as international symbol for diabetes).
General Information:Inscription:
  • Owner: The community of Los Rios
  • EOT Plaque: Rejolas de Sol Los Rios
    the minutes [of correction] of the table at the time of the sundial for each month and day

    Also on Plaque: Tribute to an exemplary man -
    J.A. Haz Oury Bahles
    In memory of the vision, the
    knowledge, realization,
    the decency left in the

    And: Legacy of the Sanchez family Ovando
    to the Los Rios sector
  • Designer: Cesar Sanchez Torres
  • Builder: Cesar Sanchez Torres
  • Construction Date: Feb. 10, 2018

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