Sundial: 850
State/Province:  District of Columbia Country:  USA
Dial Type:  Horizontal Dial Condition:  Excellent
  Latitude and Longitude: 38° 53.695' N  76° 57.462' W
  • Dial is located at the River Terrace Educational Campus, 420 34th St NE, Washington DC, 20019. Campus entrance on Anacostia Rd. The dial is visible from the corner of 34th St NE and Dix St NE.
  • This horizontal dial was commissioned by the District of Columbia Department of General Services for the newly renovated River Terrace Educational Campus. The mosaic dial is installed within a 20 ft diameter concrete plaza. The dial face is a beautifully colored spectrum of Italian Piccolo porcelain 1-inch mosaic tiles encompassing a circle 8 ft in diameter. Embedded in the mosaic chapter ring are 7-inch aluminum Arabic numbers marking the hours from 6am to 6pm and just within are letters marking the cardinal points. The aluminum gnomon is 4 ft. long and 2.83 ft tall.

    The interior of the mosaic dial face as well as the grill work of the gnomon depict birds, giving the dial its name and motto of "Time Flies". One suspects that a map of the Anacostia River is subtly hidden in the mosaic as well. The artist describes the dial as "Inspired by migrating birds in flight that represent the changing seasons and the passing of time, the purpose of this sundial is to provide an opportunity for the students to better understand nature, the seasons, the earth, and the solar system in a hands-on manner."
General Information:
  • Owner: Disctrict of Columbia Public Schools
  • Designer: Cecilia Lueza
  • Builder: Cecilia Lueza
  • Construction Date: Completed August 17, 2015

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