Gold Canyon  

Sundial: 657
State/Province:  Arizona Country:  USA
Dial Type:  Horizontal Dial Condition:  Excellent
  Latitude and Longitude: 33° 27.424' N  111° 28.818' W
  • On the Discovery Trail in the Lost Dutchman State Park
    Gold Canyon, Arizona
  • Built as an Eagle Scout project, this 10 x 5 foot semicircular concrete and steel dial features a 3 foot tall figure of a coyote as the gnomon. The tip of the coyote's nose functions as a point-in-space gnomon. The figure is placed well forward, limiting the times and dates the nose-tip shadow will fall within the hour circle to about 9 am to 3 pm on dates near the summer solstice.
General Information:
  • Owner:
  • Designer: Michael Orr
  • Builder: Michael Orr
  • Construction Date: June, 2009