Sundial: 537
State/Province:  Yucatan Country:  Mexico
Dial Type:  Vertical Dial Condition:  Age worn
  Latitude and Longitude: 20° 55.960' N  89° 1.092' W
  • East of Merida is the small town of Izamal. At the cross of Hwy 30 and 31 is the cloister of the Franciscan monastery San Antonia de Padua at Izamal. Very impressive large monastery. The dial is on the roof
  • This is south-facing vertical or scratch dial with horizontal gnomon and located on the roof at the front of an early church monastery cloister. The stone dial is approximately 3 feet square. The north face is similarly inscribed. This is among the earliest sundials in North America.
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  • Construction Date: 1535 approx.
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