Sundial: 521
State/Province:  Illinois Country:  USA
Dial Type:  Sun Alignment Condition:  Excellent
  Latitude and Longitude: 42° 21.309' N  88° 0.676' W
  • Lake County Community College on Lancer Lane south of County A22 (Washington Street). Inside circle drive at college entrance.
  • "Sun Pivot" is a set of vertical "gatestones" that allow the viewing of two major solar alignments: The summer sunrise stone is set about 33 degrees north of east while the equinox stone is set due east. The angular cuts in the gatestones allows the framing of the sunrise event above the stones, which are set about 200 feet away in a field of prairie grass.
General Information:
  • Owner: Lake County Community College
  • Designer: Stephen Luecking
  • Builder: Stephen Luecking
  • Construction Date: 1977