Sundial: 488
State/Province:  Nuevo Leon Country:  Mexico
Dial Type:  Equatorial Dial Condition:  Good
  Latitude and Longitude: 25° 39.882' N  100° 18.627' W
  • Macroplaza, next to trade sign (Monterrey touristic place at downtown)
  • This equatorial dial is just over 3 m in size, made of iron. Along the equatorial band are twelve Roman numerals to indicate apparent solar time and twelve Arabic numerals to indicate standard time. The outside of the equatorial band has zodiac constellations. There are also solstice and equinox discs at the gnomon. There is a plaque for the equation of time and an explanation of time corrections next to the sundial. The dial sits on a 1 m high stone base.
General Information:Inscription:
  • Owner: City of Monterrey
  • "Esta bella obra de arte y ciencia fue concebida como una verdadera aportacion cultural para la juventud estudiosa y publico en general bajo la administracion del Presidente Municipal". The measured position of the dial is 25:40:11N and 100:18:26W and differs slightly from the inscribed position of 25:39N, 100:25W
  • Designer: Prof. Ing. Chron. Lothar M. Loske
  • Builder: Prof. Ing. Chron. Lothar M. Loske
  • Construction Date: 1990
  • "Los relojes Solares de Loske" (Loske Sundials), published in 1993 in "Universo", the Sociedad Astronomica de Mexico journal