Sundial: 431
State/Province:  Massachusetts Country:  USA
Dial Type:  Horizontal Dial Condition:  Good
  Latitude and Longitude: 42° 17.697' N  71° 18.164' W
  • In front of Whitin Observatory, Wellesley College
  • A small 14x14 inch rose granite square dial with an unassuming 5 inch high brass gnomon sits upon a round white 3 foot high granite column. At the base is a larger granite block. Built about 1899.
General Information:Inscription:
  • Owner: Wellesley College
  • Inscribed on a plate at the base of the stone column,
    "The shadow by my finger cast,
    Divides the future from the past,
    Behind its unreturning line,
    The vanished hour, no longer thine.
    Before it lies the unknown hour,
    In darkness and beyond thy power.
    One hour alone is in thine hands:
    The now on which the shadow stands.
  • Designer:
  • Builder:
  • Construction Date: 1899 ca.
  • NASS Compendium Vol. 4 No.3 Sept 1997

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