Mount Uniacke  

Sundial: 402
State/Province:  Nova Scotia Country:  Canada
Dial Type:  Horizontal Dial Condition:  Restored
  Latitude and Longitude: 44° 54.086' N  63° 50.648' W
  • Grounds of the Uniacke Estate Museum Park
  • A faithful fiberglass replica of an ornate bronze horizontal dial stands on the Uniacke Estate. The dial is about 40 cm diameter, with a sunburst in the center showing the 16 cardinal points and intricate markings typical of a 19th century dial. Surrounding the cardinal points is a ring engraved "Watch Faster, Watch Slower" with the equation of time. Roman numerals show the hours from V in the morning to VII at evening. This dial was made for Richard Uniacke in 1815, once the Attorney-General of Nova Scotia. The original dial may be in storage in Halifax. The inscribed latitude of 45:5N does not match the Uniacke Estate location. The wooden pedestal is in rather poor condition.
General Information:Inscription:
  • Owner: Nova Scotia Museum
  • Inscribed "Richard John Uniacke, 1815"
  • Designer: London Dollond
  • Builder: London Dollond
  • Construction Date: 1815
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  • Dial information came from Scott Robson, Curator of the History Collection of the Nova Scotia Museum.

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