St. Francesville  

Sundial: 394
State/Province:  Louisiana Country:  USA
Dial Type:  Horizontal Dial Condition:  Fair
  Latitude and Longitude: 30° 47.733' N  91° 22.233' W
  • Formal Garden of the Rosedown Plantation (National Registry), on Great River Road. Open 10am - 5pm (fee)
  • A small 9 inch diameter brass horizontal dial sits on top of a cast iron pedestal. The dial face is worn, but readable with Roman numerals and 5-minute graduations. The dial plate is rotated about 40 degrees east of North. To the south of the gnomon is a 2 1/2 inch diameter mirror with unknown use. On left and right of the gnomon is scroll engraving of the equation of time. The dial sits on a 3 foot cast iron pedestal, painted adobe-red. A matching adobe-red dome cap with 8 sides covers the dial. Cap has an acorn handle lift.
General Information:Inscription:
  • Owner: Rosedown Plantation
  • Inscribed "Corn ? of Clouds" worn and mostly unreadable
  • Designer:
  • Builder: