Sundial: 280
State/Province:  Massachusetts Country:  USA
Dial Type:  Horizontal Dial Condition:  Missing
  Latitude and Longitude: 42° 20.200' N  71° 6.300' W
Location: Access: This is a private dial. See below for access details.
  • Children's Hospital Medical Center, 300 Longwood Ave. Originally in the Prouty Garden, it now may be located on the roof-top garden somewhere in the raised beds. But you need to be either a hospital employee, a patient or a family member of a patient to gain access. It’s not open to the general public.

  • A small bronze horizontal dial with bronze figures of a bird with baby birds in nest and pulled worm as gnomon. The whole dial on originally set on a large granite boulder. The dial may have been moved to the roof-top garden, but a photo of the garden shows no large boulder. A possible photo (seen in a Getty commercial image) shows the dial on the ground missing the gnomon. It may not have even been orientated properly to be used as a sundial when it was moved up to the rooftop.
General Information:
  • Owner: Hospital
  • Designer: Lu Stubbs
  • Builder:
  • Construction Date: 1976
  • IAPS Listing, May 95.
    Guide to Public Art in Greater Boston, Marty Carlock, Harvard Common Press, 1988

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