Franklin Center  

Sundial: 139
State/Province:  Pennsylvania Country:  USA
Dial Type:  Equatorial Dial Condition:  Good
  Latitude and Longitude: 39° 54.295' N  75° 27.211' W
  • Franklin Mint Museum
    1398 W. Baltimore Pike (US 1)
    Media, PA
    Opposite Valley Rd., in backyard
  • A modernistic equatorial dial about 6 feet in diameter. The analemma shaped gnomon casts standard time onto a wide metal semicircle band. The hours with 10-minute marks are inscribed on the center of the equatorial band. This unique sundial tells the time, indicates the approximate day of the month and projects the zodiacal constellation signs as they are aligned with the sun and the earth in this era. It is accurate to within two minutes.

    The building exists, but the Franklin Mint Museum is defunct. The sundial at the entrance has fallen on hard times, As of 2019, the property has been closed and access to the sundial might not be possible.The analemma gnomon and surrounding elegant grill work is missing.
General Information:
  • Owner: Franklin Mint
  • Designer: Gilroy Roberts
  • Builder:
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