Sundial: 1014
State/Province:  South Carolina Country:  USA
Dial Type:  Horizontal Dial Condition:  Excellent
  Latitude and Longitude: 32° 23.333' N  80° 40.883′ W
  • Located aboard the Naval Support Facility / Naval Hospital Beaufort, near the flagpole in front of the hospital.

    Naval Hospital, Beaufort opened in 1949 on 127 acres of land. Historically, the site was formerly the John Joiner Smith Plantation, which included Camp Saxton, a Civil War Garrison, and Fort Frederick, both recognized as National Historical sites. The sundial from Naval Hospital Parris Island was moved to Beaufort on its decommissioning.
  • Cast bronze, 18 inch diameter circular face, mounted on a cement pedestal 40 inches tall. The gnomon is 5.5 inches tall with a 5-point star cut through it. Arabic numerals mark the hours from 6am to 6pm. US Marine Corps emblem (Eagle, Globe, and Anchor) at the left and right positions on the outer circle of the face. This dial was previously located on the Naval Hospital, Parris Island, which was decommissioned on August 31, 1949. The last Commanding Officer of NH Parris Island, Captain Leslie Marshall, became the first Commanding Officer of NH Beaufort and brought the sundial with him to the new site.

    This sundial as well as other Naval Hospital dials was commissioned by Admiral Ammen Farenholt (retired 1936) through two world wars. The Parris Island dial of 1917 may have been the first. The last may have been for the Naval Hospital, Houston. That dial was never dedicated as the hospital was only open for a short time and was turned over to the Veterans Administration at war's end.

    Enclosed is a short article of Admiral Farenholt's father, the first Navy sailor to advance from seaman to rear admiral (at the time the highest rank for a US naval officer).
General Information:Inscription:
  • Owner: United States Navy
  • At the top of the outer circle of the face is cast "Fide Sed Cui Vide." Latin: Trust, but be careful in whom you trust; alternately: Have confidence, but be careful in whom you confide. USMC Eagle Globe and Anchor at the left and right positions on the outer circle. Initials AF (Navy Medical Admiral Dr. Ammen Farenholt) at the bottom. Capital letters UNITED STATES NAVAL HOSPITAL PARRIS ISLAND SOUTH CAROLINA emblazen the lower half of the center of the face, under which is cast the year 1917.
  • Designer: Admiral Ammen Farenholt
  • Builder: unknown - probably U.S. Naval facility
  • Construction Date: 1917
  • Other Farenholt dials:
    NH Brooklyn, now located at Bethesda, MD
    NH Pearl Harbor, now located at Bethesda, MD
    NH Walter Reed, now located at Bethesda, MD
    NH Annapolis, remains at Annapolis MD
    NH San Diego (Balboa), location ??
    NH Houston, location unknown as it was available for public purchase

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