SOLART2 sundial sculpture by artist MA2F

SOLART2 by artist MA2F

UNESCO has declared 2015 the International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies (IYL-2015). For sundialists, the inauguration of SOLART2 on the June 2015 solstice may be the highlight. SOLART2 is the largest IYL-2015 artistic sundial project in Europe. It is located in Rivesaltes at the northern entrance of Perpignan, France.  It was initiated in 2013 as a strong symbol of sustainable development. Artist MA2F (Marc-Andre 2 Figuères) is constructing the sundial with an incredibly large gnomon created from a double metal bar with numbers silouhettes cut into the structure.   The dial is meant to illustrate the flow of matter and energy, projecting a continually changing shadow of numbers onto the dial face during the progression of solar time.    The edges of the gnomon are painted red "as a visual value and mastery of light".  You can see a video of the dial at:

The International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies (IYL-2015) is a global initiative adopted by the United Nations to stress enhanced global awareness of and increased education in the science and technologies of light are vital for addressing challenges such as sustainable development, energy and community health, as well as for improving the quality of life in both developed and developing countries ....  With UNESCO as lead agency, IYL-2015 programs not only promote light in the modern world, but celebrate milestone events in light and optics. Project videos can be seen at:


Bust of Ibn al-Haytham
made by artist Ali Amro and commissioned
by 1001 Inventions for the UNESCO IYL-2015

Opening IYL-2015 Nobel laureates, international dignitaries, leading scientists and representatives from governments, industry and academia were part of the 2,000 guests at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris that witnessed the launch of a global campaign titled 1001 Inventions and the World of Ibn Al-Haytham to celebrate the scientific achievements of the renowned 11th century scientist Ibn al-Haytham and his works in optics and light including: The Light of the Moon, The Light of the Stars, The Rainbow and the Halo, Spherical Burning Mirrors, Parabolic Burning Mirrors, The Burning Sphere, The Shape of the Eclipse, The Formation of Shadows, Discourse on Light, as well as his masterpiece, the Book of Optics.  He invented the dark chamber “Albeit Almuzlim” which has the Latin translation of “camera obscura”-   the device that forms the basis of photography.  For more about Ibn Al-Haytham and his 1001 Inventions, go to:

Just a handful of IYL-2015 international events include:

  • Portugal:          Discovering Light Science Fair Contest
  • International:   Natural Light Design Competition
  • New Zealand:   Art and Light Project
  • Italy:                   Light School - Poster Submission
  • Belgium:          Museum of Light and Longitude
  • St. Petersburg, Russia:                     Literary Competition "Words and Light"
  • Many cities in the United States:      Light: Beyond the Bulb
  • Beirut, Lebanon and other cities:   1001 Nights of Light
  • New Orleans, United States:           Science Week (teachers and students)

    and of course

  • Safford, Arizona:   Graham Pi Day (March 14th)

    find these and more at

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