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Sundial: 88
State/Province:  Michigan Country:  USA
Dial Type:  Armillary Condition:  Poor
  Latitude:   42° 17.35' N Longitude: 82° 59.30' W
  • Erma Henderson Park
    8800 E. Jefferson
    Detroit, MI
  • A 6 foot diameter wrought iron armillary with equatorial and polar rings. Hour numerals are missing. Cast zodiacal signs are present in fair condition on exterior of equatorial ring. Dial is on a decaying brick circular pedestal at the center of a concrete and brick base. Rings are heavily marked with graffiti. The dial sits atop a brick and mortar pedestal in poor condition.
General Information:
  • Owner: City of Detroit
  • Designer: Kenneth Lynch & Sons
  • Builder: Kenneth Lynch & Sons
  • Construction Date: Jan-70