Sundials - World's Oldest Clocks

North American Sundial Society

Bowie Sundial

An unusual translucent vertical sundial built for the city of Bowie, MD

BBC Time Telling Craftsmanship

Tony Moss became hooked on making sundials years ago and now is a world renowned sundial craftsman and artisan.

Build a Horizontal Sundial

From Hack A Week TV, Easy instructions to build a horizontal sundial.  Use the NASS hour angle calculator.

Camp Capers Sundial
Follow the gnomon shadow on a stained glass sundial made by John Carmichael
Canada Science Tech - Sundials

Take a close look at how a sundial is made

Cultivating Life

Meet Fred Sawyer, an inventor of sundials

Interview with John Carmichael

Texas Country Reporter (TCR) interviews world renown sundialist John Carmichael

Make a CD Sundial
Schmoyer Sunquest Dial and 3D Printing

This famous sundial is now 3D Printed.  Here's how.

Brief History of Sundials
Here's a short history of sundials and how to make one

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