Sundials - World's Oldest Clocks

North American Sundial Society

Time - Stonehenge and Sundials

Telling time is one of civilization's oldest arts using stone alignments to see the rising sun and following its shadows through the day and seasons.

1-Founding Fathers - George Washington

George Washington - Stars and Bars for DC and a dial for Mt. Vernon

2-Founding Fathers - Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin - Rising Sun and a Modest Proposal

3-Founding Fathers - Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson - A True Sundial Designer

Historic Ingleside Terrace Sundial

A Housing Developer Creates a Historic San Francisco Sundial in a Horse Track

Smugglers Cove Sundial

A Day of Shadows at  the Smugglers Cove Ranch House

Washington Monument Sundial

Years before NASS suggested it, the Washington Monument Became a Sundial hit on CBS News

Analemma Over El Ceritto

Ancient pyramid and a setting sun, patiently photographed over a year reveals the analemma

Bainbridge Sundial

Bainbridge is building a "bow-string" Equatorial sundial

Bowie Sundial

An unusual translucent vertical sundial built for the city of Bowie, MD

BBC Time Telling Craftsmanship

Tony Moss became hooked on making sundials years ago and now is a world renowned sundial craftsman and artisan.

Traces of the Sun

What happens when you leave a camera on for an eniter year?  Traces of the sun.

Build a Horizontal Sundial

From Hack A Week TV, Easy instructions to build a horizontal sundial.  Use the NASS hour angle calculator.

Camp Capers Sundial
Follow the gnomon shadow on a stained glass sundial made by John Carmichael

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