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nass_news_2012_feb_ Nohuitol2_cosmic
[photo courtesy of Ruben Nohuitol]

Ruben Nohuitol of Queretaro, Mexico has a unique solarium or “cosmic room” to observe the rays of the sun throughout the year.  He has patiently constructed a wonderful time-lapse video following the sun every day at 12:45 pm.   His construction has a vertical meridiana beam of light descending and then ascending the wall as time passes throughout the year. A second sky-light gnomon creates a classical analemma on the floor.

nass_news_2012_feb_ Nohuitol1_cosmic
[photo courtesy of Ruben Nohuitol]

He has a number of videos well worth watching:  Sunset at the foot of the pyramid of Pueblito, Mexico, diurnal beams at summer and winter solstices, the equinox and more.  Visit Ruben Nohuitol’s photos and web-cam videos at: