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North American Sundial Society



What is the NASS Repository?

The North American Sundial Society now makes available a treasure trove of dialing material on a single CD!  To purchase The NASS Repository and other NASS publications, see the NASS Publications Order Form

Compendium Back Issues - All issues of The Compendium to date of the NASS journal are presented in PDF format, with known errors corrected, color added to the photos, and hyperlinks both within and across the issues. (The free Acrobat Reader version 4.0 or above is required - and included on the DVD.)

Sundial Registry - A recent version of the ever-expanding registry of sundials in North America, including locations, brief descriptions and over 500 photos.

Aked/Severino Gnomonics Bibliography - This is an important listing of over 10,000 works on dialing and is probably the largest such compilation ever assembled. (copyright Charles Aked / Nicola Severino)


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