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Sundial 530
State/Province:  Delaware Country:  USA
Dial Type:  Equatorial Condition:  Good
Latitude:   39° 47' N Longitude:   75° 38' W
  • Mt. Cuba Astronomical Observatory
    1610 Hillside-Mill Road
    Greenville, DE 19807
  • A 15-inch cast aluminum equatorial sundial designed and built by Richard Schmoyer originally installed in 1972 and replaced in 1985 after theft. A three-dimensional analemmic gnomon corrects for Equation of Time. The observatory is open to the public every weekday morning.
General Information:
  • Owner: Mt. Cuba Astronomical Observatory
  • Designer: Richard Schmoyer
  • Builder: Richard Schmoyer
  • Construction Date: 1985

Last Revised: Nov 2015