Sundials - World's Oldest Clocks

North American Sundial Society

Cultivating Life

Fred Sawyer of the North American Sundial Society discusses the history and use of sundials.  Join his conversation.

La Meridiana

This is the meridiana on the floor of St. Maria of the Angels in Rome, created in 1846 by Francesco Bianchini under Pope Clemente XI.

Cosmic Room in Corregidora

This is an unusual meridiana... a "cosmic room" to show beams of light forming a sundial and analemma on the wall and floor.  Equinoxes beam light through several rooms.

BBC - Sundial Craftsman

Tony Moss became hooked on making sundials years ago and now is a world renowned sundial craftsman and artisan.

Canada Science & Tech Museum - Sundials

The Canada Science & Technology Museum present sundial basics

Time - Stonehenge and Sundials

Telling time is one of civilization's oldest arts using stone alignments to see the rising sun and following its shadows through the day and seasons.

Seattle Bench Sundial with Memories

Unique Bench Sundial with Memories

Digital Gnomon Sundial

A new approach to digital sundials - A shadow casting gnomon