Sundials - World's Oldest Clocks

North American Sundial Society

Greenwich Globe

Watch the Time Zones of the World go by

Solar Orientation

Introduction to sun's daily motion, seasonal change, and sunrise & sunset points on the horizon

Build a Horizontal Sundial

Easy instructions to build a horizontal sundial.  From Hack A Week TV

Historic Ingleside Terrace Sundial

Housing Developer Creates Historic San Francisco Sundial

3D Print Your Own Digital Sundial

Julien Coyne Invents a 3D Print Digital Sundial Gnomon

Sunrise Project

Evan Finnian photographs sunrise every day from Sep-Dec 2015

Virtual Sundial at Museo Galileo

Virtual Sundail at Museo Galileo

1-Founding Fathers - George Washington

George Washington - Stars and Bars for DC and a dial for Mt. Vernon

2-Founding Fathers - Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin - Rising Sun and a Modest Proposal

3-Founding Fathers - Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson - Sundial Designer

Indiana University at Kokomo Sundial
Central Park Shadows

Manhattan Central Park Shadow Animations by Cube City

Washington Monument Sundial

Years before NASS suggested it, the Washington Monument as a Sundial was on the CBS News

Traces of the Sun

György Bajmócy makes a stunning view of the analemma like you've never seen before